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Leave Barack alone!
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, August 09, 2008

Either a terrific acting job or very disturbing (and indicative of my point below) - you decide:

You bastards.

(HT: Maggie's Farm)
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I presume most everyone picked up on this, but for anyone who didn’t, it’s a satire based on this video, in which a guy complains about treatment of Britney Spears. It’s the same video image with a new voice-over.

I didn’t think it was nearly as funny as the original, though.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
I was just thinking, though. A really funny version would be complaining about how we’re treating John Edwards.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
I agree w/ Billy regarding the Britney rant being better use of the video but think you should add an NSF tag to the post.... that usually clues me in if I should have the volume up when my kids are near.
Written By: BillS
URL: http://
There’s some pretty good stuff out there right now. Much of it provided by Obama followers like the goatse Obama salute.

Its going to be a long 3 months for Obama supporters.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
Could someone tell me what this is?

Because it is not just disturbing - it is frightening.

And my vote is worth the same as this...this...this loser’s?

If that is true, I give up. Obama hasn’t even been elected (although he thinks he has) and already he has destroyed this country. Just like I predicted he would.

And what’s with the hair? Is this a man or a woman or a Sheila?
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
Is this a man or a woman or a Sheila?
Or an it?
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Hollis explains it in part.

The person in the video is that rather famous maker of rather viral videos, one Chris Crocker.

Crocker has (or used to have) a lot of videos at YouTube, some of them quite hilarious if you can get past the sort of disturbing nature of Crocker’s persona (it’s not clear whether he’s for real or a character that he has created for the vids—my guess is real).

This particular video was Crocker’s classic plea for people to leave his idol, Britney Spears, alone during her time of troubles. Some clever person has done a passing imitation of Crocker in a voiceover that adapts the essence of Crocker’s plea on behalf of Britney to a plea on behalf of Obama.

Pretty good job, but nothing like a Crocker original.

(If I win a lottery anytime soon I’d like to hire Crocker, pay to send him to UMF, and have him specifically enroll in as many of Erb’s courses as possible, with bonuses for every incident of class participation, and have him make a weekly YouTube dedicated to Dr. Erb.)
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Martin, you are one evil genuis. I would contribute to such a project.
Written By: Jeff
URL: http://
If you haven’t seen it, Weezer has a video that features Crocker as well as stars from just about every internet viral video that you can think of. Including my favorite, Charlie the Unicorn. See if you can spot him in the video!

Written By: peter jackson
Is it leave Barry alone or leave Brittany alone ?

What a frarce.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
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Written By: Gerry Daniel

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