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The "We" includes the "New Media"
Posted by: McQ on Monday, August 11, 2008

David Carr, of the NYT, and speaking about why the MSM finally had to cover the Edwards affair, acknowledges reality:
"I was taught when I was a young reporter that it's news when we say it is. I think that's still true — it's news when 'we' say it is. It's just who 'we' is has changed," Carr said.

"Members of the public, people with modems, people with cell phones are now producers, editors. They can push and push and push on a story until it ends up being acknowledged by everyone."
Or said another way, the monopoly on what is "news" is over.

Just as when the invention of the printing press signaled the end of the exclusive monopoly the church had on possessing, and thereby interpreting, the bible, internet access has done the same by freeing the "news" from the monopoly enjoyed by the MSM. It can no longer decide what is or isn't news. As in the Edwards affair, it became a reactive force instead of the deciding factor.

Whether the MSM likes it or not, as Carr says, the "we" has changed for ever, and acknowledged or not, the "new media" is here to stay.

(HT: Newsbusters)
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Previous Comments to this Post 

...people with modems...
Well, that phrase right there tells just how out of touch he is. Even my 72 year old mom has broadband.

Technically, I suppose you could be generous and assume he was also including cable modems. But I bet that’s not what he was thinking when he said it.
Written By: Billy Hollis
URL: http://
The only problem with what he said is that they really weren’t scooped by Johnny Pajamas Blogger, they (allowed themselves) to be beaten by the fricking Enquirer for god’s sake
Written By: shark
URL: http://
I understand that, shark, but had it been in the old world where it was only the NE pushing the story, they could have safely ignored it.

But it was the bloggers who continued to push the story and build the buzz, to the point that the MSM had to acknowledge it. Edwards gave them the out when he contacted ABC, but regardless of that, their credibility was being questioned daily by the pajama set for not looking into it to that point.
Written By: McQ
I agree this would more likely been ignored if it was only the NE pushing the story. On the other hand, the Pajamas Media would likely have had nothing without the NE’s work.

So if the NE decided to let the story go, it may have never come to light.

The ’Pajamas Media’ will likely never have the resources of a brick and mortar establishment and will likely be stay 95+% reactive to the Old Media’s lead on what gets covered.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
I don’t disagree, however the point here is what constitutes "we" in "we determine what is or isn’t news". That determination is obviously no longer the exclusive domain of the MSM.
Written By: McQ
Just as when the invention of the printing press signaled the end of the exclusive monopoly the church had on possessing, and thereby interpreting, the bible, internet access has done the same by freeing the "news"
And we see how well THAT went, Bloody Protestants....interpreting the Bible...destroying the One TRUE Church...Bah Humbug...Give me the Holy Office of the Inqiuisition, any day....
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Give me the Holy Office of the Inquisition, any day..
and the holy hand grenade?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
and the holy hand grenade?
Only if thou canst count to "three"...the number of the counting shall be three...Five is right out!
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
The Nat. Enquirer was the first to break the OJ story, too, I believe. They deserve a better rap. (no, not fish wrap....)
Written By: Come on, Please
URL: http://
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