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Republicans have to hope it is Biden
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For any number of reasons. But if it is Biden, he has a lot of explaining to do. NRO has a list of Biden quotes that he's going to have to explain away if he is Obama's VP nominee:
Biden, on a post-debate appearance on MSNBC, October 30, 2007: “The only guy on the other side who’s qualified is John McCain.”


Biden appearing on The Daily Show, August 2, 2005: “John McCain is a personal friend, a great friend, and I would be honored to run with or against John McCain, because I think the country would be better off, be well off no matter who...”


On Meet the Press, November 27, 2005: “I’ve been calling for more troops for over two years, along with John McCain and others subsequent to my saying that.”


Assessing Obama’s Iraq plan on September 13, 2007: “My impression is [Obama] thinks that if we leave, somehow the Iraqis are going to have an epiphany” of peaceful coexistence among warring sects. “I’ve seen zero evidence of that.”


Biden on Meet the Press, April 29, 2007: “The threat [Saddam Hussein] presented was that, if Saddam was left unfettered, which I said during that period, for the next five years with sanctions lifted and billions of dollars into his coffers, then I believed he had the ability to acquire a tactical nuclear weapon — not by building it, by purchasing it. I also believed he was a threat in that he was — every single solitary U.N. resolution which he agreed to abide by, which was the equivalent of a peace agreement at the United Nations, after he got out of — after we kicked him out of Kuwait, he was violating. Now, the rules of the road either mean something or they don’t. The international community says “We’re going to enforce the sanctions we placed” or not. And what was the international community doing? The international community was weakening. They were pulling away.”


Around that time, Biden in an interview with the Huffington Post, he assessed Obama and Hillary Clinton: “The more people learn about them (Obama and Hillary) and how they handle the pressure, the more their support will evaporate.”

So maybe, given that and much more, Biden isn't the guy.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

You sure about that? The dems this year seem to really think that anything you say becomes void within the week...

So why would they even NOTICE this stuff?

I still say it’s Biden...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
I’m thinking Kaine, because just about everyone else has way more experience then Obama.

And that’s the way to play it.

Biden has to tout his own record over Obama’s vs McCain. And that’s not even including McCain’s VP pick.

What are we electing with the Democrats, co-presidents?
Written By: Keith_Indy
So why would they even NOTICE this stuff?

I still say it’s Biden...
Because Biden is a windbag and makes these sort of gaffs all the time. Diamond Joe opens his mouth and inserts his foot on a regular basis. He’s my Senator so I should know. That means they don’t need to notice the old ones, just the new ones.

I also think Obama would be an idiot to go with a guy that can pull down a big 3 electoral votes in what might be a close election.
Written By: Jeff the Baptist
I also think Obama would be an idiot
Have you not been paying attention? :)
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Obama isn’t stupid. Stupid people don’t graduate magna cum laude from Harvard Law School nor are they elected president of the Harvard Law Review. Obama is ideologically impaired, inexperienced, and out of his depth. But he is not stupid.
Written By: Jeff the Baptist
Hillary. Because the nation needs a good solid 8 years of left-wingery to teach the voters who were kids during Carter what that actually means in reality rather than rhetoric.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
The Biden quote is a bit misleading, in that it’s taken out of context.

The quote is from The Daily Show, August 2, 2005.

John Stewart: “You may end up going against a Senate collegue, Perhaps McCain, perhaps Frist…”

Joe Biden: “Well, John McCain is a personal friend, a great friend, and I would be honored to run with or against John McCain, because I think the country would be better off, it would be well off no matter who.”

John Stewart: “Did I hear you say ‘with’?”

Joe Biden: “You know, um, John McCain and I think that…”

John Stewart: “Don’t become cottage cheese my friend, say it!”

Joe Biden: “Yes, I hope John… I wanted John to run with John Kerry the last time out, and I asked him to do it.”

So, basically… Joe Biden was endorsing John McCain as John Kerry’s V.P., or possibly his own.

Someone in the press should ask John McCain whether he seriously considered running as John Kerry’s or Joe Biden’s running mate. Certainly, his campaign has opened that avenue for questioning.
Written By: Mark Kraft
URL: http://
81WUps vsemjrgawapy, [url=]uochpmbvagjf[/url], [link=]ssbeptvqhahg[/link],
Written By: crtqyaxoy

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