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Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Not Obama's campaign manufactured resume, but Old Sol:
The sun has reached a milestone not seen for nearly 100 years: an entire month has passed without a single visible sunspot being noted.

The event is significant as many climatologists now believe solar magnetic activity – which determines the number of sunspots — is an influencing factor for climate on earth.
Yes, friends, it seems that scientists are again convinced that the big old yellow hot thing that hangs in the sky everyday has a very important role in earth's climate.

And what has history told us about such events?
In the past 1000 years, three previous such events — the Dalton, Maunder, and Spörer Minimums, have all led to rapid cooling. One was large enough to be called a "mini ice age". For a society dependent on agriculture, cold is more damaging than heat. The growing season shortens, yields drop, and the occurrence of crop-destroying frosts increases.
But, you know, "global warming" is the "greatest crisis the world has ever faced".
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Does this mean we can sue or jail all the alarmists they way they wanted to do to us?
Written By: kyleN
What matters is we meet Ted Turner’s prediction of cannibalism. How we get there isn’t important!
Written By: looker
URL: http://
It certainly has been a cool summer on the heals of a colder and snowier than normal winter. But who am I to so naively rely on direct evidence?
Written By: Grimshaw
URL: http://
I’m guessing that the "alarmists" see this coming. Notice the change from "Global Warming" to "Climate Change". This was never anything but a power grab, and I just hope that public is less inclined to swallow whatever explanation they come up with for the pivot.
Written By: JH
URL: http://
After six Nobel Prizes, the invention of the transistor, laser and countless contributions to computer science and technology, it is the end of the road for Bell Labs’ fundamental physics research lab.
This is sad .. but may Al Gore follow.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Here is a reasonably accessible paper with a possible explanation, based rather niftily on orbital mechanics. Found via Alan’s place a while ago.
Written By: piercello
URL: http://
Will burning the Goracle at the stake appease the sun?

I know I’m being obtuse, but the global warmists started it.
Written By: MarkD
URL: http://
Here is a reasonably accessible paper with a possible explanation, based rather niftily on orbital mechanics. Found via Alan’s place a while ago.
Written By: piercello
URL: http://
Isn’t it a little bit funny that on this blog or others, we are no longer seeing the mad rush of Warmists yelling at us and calling us deniers and flat earthers and touting their "consensus". Where have they all gone??
Written By: kyleN
They’re busy knitting eco-friendly wool socks.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Delurking to mention that I’d like to see that fool Kev explain the hockey stick again, now that McIntyre has completely exploded it.

Is it too much to hope that the Global Warming (TM) hoax has run it’s course without killing too many people yet?

Yours, TDP, ml, msl, & pfpp
Written By: Tom Perkins

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