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The Washington Monthly Does Not Tolerate Dissent
Posted by: MichaelW on Sunday, September 07, 2008

At least, not from the liberal orthodoxy. I left several comment on a few posts, only a few none of which actually made it past the anonymous and unannounced moderators. In the end, only one no comment survived.

Is this how the left tolerates dissent? My final comment was simply:
So where are the comment policies, and just who is the moderator?
To which I expect no response nor any indication that my comment was ever offered. How does that promote anything other than an echo chamber? Is that what the Washington Monthly has become? An intolerant, brook no break from the prevailing ideology, only one opinion please, sort of publication? Doesn't that make it little more than a cheerleader magazine for compliant socialists?

I'll leave it to you to decide the answer to these questions. Suffice it to say, the idiot moderator(s) of a supposedly informational website have chosen the wrong person to deny relevant comment. I have a platform, and I will use it.

Regardless of the ultimate consequences, I am now a resolute enemy of the Washington Monthly, a site I used to enjoy. Is that smart business on their part? I would think not, but perhaps their advertisers disagree. I suppose it's possible that they only want to be viewed by virulent lefties who are known to spend their money on ... well, not much .. rather than avowed capitalists who actually enjoy the better things in life. Who am I to disagree?

So good luck with that policy, Washington Monthly. I'm sure that when your economic model proves successful, every other magazine will emulate your taste for compliance and rigid conformity. Too bad Mussolini didn't have your expertise for dealing with criticism. Perhaps we'd all be good leftists by now.

P.S. Don't believe me? Go over and try to post a comment even slightly critical of whatever point the post's author is making. Or even worse, critique another commenter (who, obviously, will be in sync with the OP). See what turns up for you.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

No big surprise. The Washington Monthly’s new blogger Steve Benen learned all about creating a progressive echo chamber over at Crooks and Liars.
Written By: Paul L.
I wonder what the Left’s hysterical reaction will be when McCsin wins the presidency, and their Savior Obama is relegated back to his do-nothing job in the US Senate.

Wanna bet that the Left cries racism, homophobia, hatred of this or that?

I have known for a long time that the Left is intolerant. My great-grandfather was slated to become the head of the NY Democratic Party, but because he was a Jew the man who picked the applicants, a Jew-hating Irishman, told friends, "There is no way a Jew will run this party here. Not on my watch."

And that is one reason I became a Republican.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
Gee, rather like Willis. Stuff has been disappearing from the comments section of late. One of mine as regards the flag bit, where I posted in his comment section...
Well, you know how it is…. The Democrats needed to store the flags in with the empty pizza boxes, water bottles food garbage and other trash while they figured out where their patriotism disappeared to.
It’s now gone. It’s his place, of course he can do what he likes, but it’s a move that reeks of fear... and I suggest the same motivation for WaMo.

The kinder thing to be said is there’s a coordinated effort to eliminate any dissent. But watching their campaign, inclduing the flag fiasco, I’d say a high degree of coordination isn’t on their list of qualities.

Written By: Bithead
Actually, James, I predict riots.

Last time I voted for a Republicrat was 1990. After Mr "Read My Lips" I went Libertarian, 3rd party - anything but either of the two. I said "Wait and see" on the Contract With America (And was disillusioned.) I refused for vote for George I. The next three elections - Dole was a dunce, and a split congress/white house was a good thing. Same thing with George - Libertarian both times. Even if Gore or Kerry were lected they would have faced a Republican Congress.

Despite that, I have had former liberal friends tell me that our friendship was over - not because I voted for Bush, but because I *DIDN’T* vot Democratic. The Move-on Morons are probably the most narrow minded, fascist bunch I have seen in the USA and the idea that they would push Barry Obambi into the White House alarms me.

So I am voting against them. Which means McCain. No, he’s not perfect, but no candidate is. I like Sarah Palin - I just have a gut feeling she is the real deal. Barr - in this case, with what is at stake - he’s a wasted vote.

You mark my words, James. McCain wins, heads will explode. The media will cast off even the facade of impartiality. There will be riots as the Move-On types dare the police or federal government to make martyrs of them. All you have to do is read the hysterical invective on left-wing sites and then tell me I am paranoid.
Written By: The Gonzman
URL: http://
It is counterproductive for you to get angry over this. The fact is these idiots and their echo chambers do us a great service, because they’re so easily lead to the type of self-destructive swarm we’ve just seen, and staying in the echo chamber makes it harder to know the real lay of the land.

We should be encouraging them to do it even more than they already are.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Lemmings think they are only out for an afternoon romp until they go over the cliff. Same for the Donks. After they have gone over the cliff and find they have lost again they will search their sould and find they have none. They will then tuck their tails between their hind legs and scurry away, whining about another stolen election - and do nothing!

But in the Watts district . . .
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
This happens more often than we think, I bet. Once we discover our posts have been deleted, many of us are too lazy to say anything about it.
Written By: JasperPants
URL: http://
This is how the young are indoctrinated in universities. It’s all they know. Monothematic brain scrubbing from an early age. They can’t think, they cant reason, they can’t argue logically. No surprise that they latch onto a messiah figure as their candidate and try to shut down all debate.
Written By: Echolologist
URL: http://
Heh. I think FOXNEWS does similar things when you express opinions that some young’un takes as offensive. Case in point: During the RNC, FOXNEWS had several internet streams of behind the scenes video up. I got myself IP banned after some email comments that must have offended someone. When a particular video stream (other streams worked fine) would only appear in the toolbar preview but not when selected, I ended up renewing the IP on my router and VOILA! Video stream back.

So, I think it happens more often than we realize. What was the name of that "comment masking" trick from a few weeks back? That’s the one where only the poster could see the comments when viewing from the computer/IP where it originated but it was invisible to anyone else.

I always told my kids when they whined about receiving a disappointing answer "If you don’t want to hear the answer, don’t ask the question". Comment moderation (not even posting the obligatory "comment deleted by moderator"), masking, IP banning is all cowardice to my thinking. BUT, such is the internet.
Written By: JoeC
URL: http://
We should be encouraging them to do it even more than they already are.
Bait the chamber to see how far they can be pushed?
Written By: unaha-closp
Michael, are you really surprised. I realized long ago that any conversation was pointless with those firmly entrenched on the left (The same argument can be made on the left). When any of my leftie friends want to talk politics I change the subject because it will only end badly
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Actually, James, I predict riots
Not to burst your balloon, but that’s not much of a prediction given the left wing papers in Philly have at least one nutjob calling for them.

Written By: Bithead
I used to have approval for commenting at both talkleft and seeing the forest for years. Strangely these days, my comments never seem to be allowed.
Written By: bains
URL: http://

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