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Some random thoughts on Sept 11
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, September 11, 2008

I'm on the road, will be getting a lot of windshield time today and really don't feel like digging through the news and commentary right now. Instead a few random thoughts.

1. First let me wish my brother Doug "happy birthday". 9/11 2001 forever changed his birthday as you might imagine. My bro is just that - my brother and my best friend. Happy birthday Doug (aka McQ2).

2. Funny how, politically, we seem to be as polarized about 9/11 as we are about everything else. About half of us want to see it displayed and talked about prominently so we never forget and the other half of us seem to be just as eager to, well, forget.

3. You know Palin is a phenomenon when you go into a little Italian joint in Sevierville, TN and listen to the family at the table next to you discuss her, to include the kids, while they're on vacation.

4. My friend Nathan, formerly of Brainfertilizer has started blogging again here, at Chiefly Musing.

5. Probably the most amusing thing about what is happening right now politically is the fact that all the old leftist shibboleths are being turned on them and they don't know how to handle them.

6. We've covered the lipstick and pig controversy. However, as I've stated in the past, in politics perception equals reality. I listened to a former Hillary supporter interviewed on Cuvuto's show. He wasn't buying the pig thing. She said "think about it, what are the two enduring symbols that came out of Palin's speech? "Lipstick" and "Sarah Baracuda". And what did Obama talk about? Lipstick on pigs and stinky fish". Try and convince her it was only a slip of the tongue.

7. Joe Biden provides another example. He's using Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm as his sparring partner prior to his debate with Palin. Why a woman? If it is about the issues, wouldn't anyone do?

8. Is IL ill? If North Korea is leaderless what does that mean for the world. Kim Jong Il was the product of many years of grooming by his father. But Il hasn't groomed any of his progeny for his job. If he's dead, there may be one heck of a power struggle going on there now. And if he's not, well there may be one heck of a power struggle going on there very soon.

9. If Palin does well during her interview with Charles Gibson and a couple of more as well as an adequate job during the VP debate, my guess is all of the static in the air about trooper-gate, per diem and other ground clutter won't make much of a difference in how the majority of voters view her. And that's because ...

10. The more you do this, i.e. political blogging, the more you realize that you are a very, very small minority of this country which actually pays attention to the inside baseball of politics. What roars to the top of memeorandum each day and has dozens of blog posts written about it doesn't even make a ripple most of the time among the rest of the country. Perspective.

11. I got a huge chuckle watching David Gergan last night marvel at the fact that CNN was covering the arrival of a VP candidate in Alaska at 11:30. Anyone heard from Joe Biden?

12. Take a moment, think back and reflect about what happened 7 years ago today. Then vow to ensure that you put someone in office that will "never again" allow anything like that to happen here.

That's enough to chew on for a while. If I get in early I'll try to throw something else up here.
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The pressure to make Hiliary do more for Obama is an effort without an opportunity.

Nothing Hiliary does or can do will erase the months of bitter campaigning from voters minds. It’s really hard enough for voters to swallow Hiliary supporting Obama at all. To send her out now to save Obama’s gonads truly is Mission Impossible.

It is up to Obama to make us decide if he is the Messiah or Moses (didn’t get to the Promise Land).
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
I think as in the old "where were you went Kennedy was shot" type of stories are with all of us in this time. This may seem maudlin but this goes through my mind ever year at this time.

I remember sitting for breakfast in a Hotel near Detroit (I was traveling every week for work by plane) watching as the smoke billowed from a hole in the tower after the first attack, thinking what a terrible disaster. My wife called and asked me if I was watching the news. Just then, as we were speaking) the second plane hit and I fully realized what was happening. She told me to come home and in a daze I said that I was not sure I could. My entire world view changed in an instant and I don’t think that such a profound change will ever happen again to me.

Since most of my friends were also frequent travelers, I spent frustrating hours trying to find out where they where and how they were. I knew that one co worker took that same plane out of Logan every second week and and this was the week to take it. I finally reached him hours later and he told me that he had a feeling that he should stay home that week. We later discovered that another co worker that we both knew (not very well) was on that plane. Another set of friends worked out of a branch office in one of the towers. One of our friends in that office disappeared somewhere in the panic and no one ever saw him again.

In the months following that time, I lost some friends in arguments based on the whole thing. There were still living in 9/10 and although there were close friends, I had changed and I could not go back to that point in time.

Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
I have another one for 9/11....

All these years later and we STILL don’t have a f**king damn replacement building over there.

There’s some dark symbolism in that, but instead I’ll choose to hope that the hijackers are being tortured in hell right now, while the good people who died are at least in heaven.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Take a moment, think back and reflect about what happened 7 years ago today.
Is there any reason not to lament the fact that we haven’t gotten the guy responsible for it?
Written By: PogueMahone
URL: http://
Is there any reason not to lament the fact that we haven’t gotten the guy responsible for it?
Planner or the figurehead?

We caught the planner. Who knows where the figurehead is buried.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
But according to Juan Cole it was Sarah Palin so I am confused

But then again, most of the world doesn’t seem to know who it is. But I hear from democrats that it is important to listen to the world. So go figure.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
There are wolves at the perimeter, and among us, and there always will be.

They will use our most precious values against us. They will attack us through our freedom. They will manipulate our fairness. They will scream bloody murder as they murder us.

And then there are the Islamic terrorists.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Part of me doesn’t want to mix politics with the memories of 9-11. But MOST of me knows that this has already been done. The gage of battle has been thrown down by leftist swine like Michael Moore, Ward Churchill, and an army of Troofers so:

McQ - Funny how, politically, we seem to be as polarized about 9/11 as we are about everything else. About half of us want to see it displayed and talked about prominently so we never forget and the other half of us seem to be just as eager to, well, forget.

And why are we so "polarized"? Simple: partisan hatred. First of all, lefties know that reminding people of 9-11 also reminds them that the country faces real threats to our security that make issues like health care and college costs seem rather pedestrian in comparison. Further, reminding people of 9-11 gives people somebody other than Bush to hate. Finally, it reminds too many people that, whether they think Bush has been especially competent or not, he’s tried to do something to help protect the country; bin Laden may not be comfirmed dead or in a federal prison conferring with his defense team, but at least he’s not living in safety under the Taliban in A-stan.

This all stems from Florida, 2000. Many lefties are so angry with Bush because they think that an idiot, ignorant cowboy stole the election that they are willing to believe ANYTHING that reflects badly on him, from "lies" about WMD in Iraq to setting thermite charges in the Twin Towers. The more they can keep people from remembering what really happened that day, the easier it is to fool people into blaming him for it. It’s the politics of personal destruction gone completely amock.

It will be interesting to see how - IF - America remembers 9-11 in twenty years.
Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
Did you guys get hacked? Some bad things are happening on your front page.
Written By: Gerry
URL: http://
Yeah, we got hacked. Someone added script to a bunch of the posts that redirected people to chinese sites. Sorry about that. It should be fixed now.
Written By: MichaelW
Thanks Bro

You’ve always taken your big brother "job" seriously since the day our Mom brought me home from the Hospital and put me in your lap and said; this is your little brother you must protect him & be his friend.
Because of my Mothers heartfelt instructions you never waivered from your task and I am A better man because of you. But it was more than that we did become best friends. Being an "Army Brat" it wasn’t as hard making new friends when your best friend moved with you.
No man on this planet could ask for nor receive a better brother than you.

Now I have to quit because the old Vermille gene is kickin my @ss.

Again Thanks Bro

Written By: McQ2
URL: http://
I live roughly in the middle of the triangle formed by NYC, DC and Shanksville.

I remember going outside in the middle of that clear day 7 years ago and seeing no aircraft in the sky.
Normally, you can see the planes out of NYC heading south, the Philadelphia traffic heading west and a few heading into Allentown going north, but on that day .. there wasn’t a one in the sky.

Meanwhile, you knew from the TV that their was chaos in at least 3 directions around you.

It was eerie.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
I will tell you another thing I remember about the attacks, and will never forget. I remember members of the religion of peace jumping up and down for joy.
Written By: kyleN
Heartwarming to see two brothers who get along so well - and express it. Wish I had the same. After 45 years of cruelty by my older brother, I recently had to sever ties with him. Sad - but there’s a limit to how much abuse any sibling should take. Don’t know why the eldest siblings have such a hard time being kind to their younger brothers and sisters. Plenty of psychological excuses given - but I think ti boils down to resentment/jealousy. Watching my 3 kids, I see the same thing with the "big sister" frequently playing the cruel boss (read: abuse) to her younger sisters. However, they have the advantage of my expereince and my constantly teaching them how to get along, take care of each other, the importance of family, etc. Hopefully it’ll take hold as they mature.

So...on this special day...those of you who have good relationships with your family - please don’t forget to CHERISH those relationships. Don’t take each other for granted. Loving each other is truly the best it gets in this life.
Written By: slick
URL: http://
God bless you all, including mk and Pogue.
Written By: Is
URL: http://
I will tell you another thing I remember about the attacks, and will never forget. I remember members of the religion of peace jumping up and down for joy.
There was that, yes. But the jumping that I most remember was that of the people on the upper floors of the towers, jumping desperately to their deaths, to avoid the fires. I lived in Manhattan at the time, about two miles north of the towers. The sight of that aroused in me a most profound desire not just to kill the people responsible for the attacks but the desire to do so with what was once called "extreme prejudice."
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Is there any reason not to lament the fact that we haven’t gotten the guy responsible for it?
Khalid Sheik Mohammed is in the hole at Guantanamo, Pogue.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Not all fixed...the link to memeorandum is hacked to a pr0n site.
Written By: Grisha
URL: http://
"This all stems from Florida, 2000."
"I call it one-in-three, at best, that you and I will live to look back on this week as the Initial Point on the road to actual civil war.

If this be loonery, make the most of it."

(Me to McPhilllips on The New Avignon, November 10, 2000)
Written By: Billy Beck
URL: http://www.two—
Want to see how the Kossacks celebrated 9/11 day.

These are the folks that the current democrats listen to.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://

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