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Congressional races tightening?
Posted by: McQ on Friday, September 12, 2008

According to Gallup, they're tightening significantly:
A potential shift in fortunes for the Republicans in Congress is seen in the latest USA Today/Gallup survey, with the Democrats now leading the Republicans by just 3 percentage points, 48% to 45%, in voters' "generic ballot" preferences for Congress. This is down from consistent double-digit Democratic leads seen on this measure over the past year.
The lead the "generic Democrat" has been holding for months is fading in the polls, just like the the Democratic front runner. In my opinion, the fade is more a function of Democratic Congressional leadership than Obama - but it may be pointing to a situation where even if Obama wins, he won't have the coattails everyone anticipated.

Another surprise, and probably the most critical, is the generic Republican has taken a lead over the generic Democrat in the more critical "likely voter" category:
The positive impact of the GOP convention on polling indicators of Republican strength is further seen in the operation of Gallup's "likely voter" model in this survey. Republicans, who are now much more enthused about the 2008 election than they were prior to the convention, show heightened interest in voting, and thus outscore Democrats in apparent likelihood to vote in November. As a result, Republican candidates now lead Democratic candidates among likely voters by 5 percentage points, 50% to 45%.
That's quite a change. It is also only one poll.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

We’re getting closer to the best possible "inactivist" government; a Democrat President forced to work with a Republican Congress. We were there before from ’95-’01. Bring on the gridlock!!!
Written By: CR
URL: http://
Who would have thought just 3 weeks ago that McCain would have coattails ?
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
And there goes the Dems’ dreams of a filibuster-proof 60.

I wonder....if the races don’t go as well as they were anticipating, if Reid will be so quick to kick Lieberman off all his committe posts like he was expected to do. I’m sure Reid would just love it if he threw in and caucused with the GOP instead.
Written By: shark
URL: http://
John McCain has performed an "inverted Pearl Harbor maneuver" with the aid of the media: "We have woken a sleeping giant, and filled him with a terrible resolve."
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
So, what you see there is Barack leading the Democrats.

The generic ballot once gave Democrats a 15-point edge.

Barack managed to keep the presidential race at a dead heat.

Now the rest of the Democrats have followed him, and are approaching a dead heat in the generic ballot preference.

I’m impressed.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Indeed; don’t step in the Leadership.
Written By: Jeremy Bowers
I just want to say I told you so?? now after all the hoopla of the primary conventions are over let the real race begin!!!
as you all can see McCain has been catching up to Obama and in some polls is slighty ahead so much for the Obama lead you will see in the next few months OBama will lose and the democrats blew it again by not electing the right candidate. This is what you get when you knock hillary out of the box and what does the republican party do they chose sarah palin who has no experience whatsoever to lead in case Mccain dies or becomes ill the democrats pick Obama who has no experience the only 2 candidated left are Sen Hillary clinton and Sen John McCain with Hillary out you almost have no choice but to go for McCain
Joe Biden gets picked for V.P what are the democrats thinking the man got less than 9,000 votes to Hillary’s 18 million it’s almost a no brainer this is why we will have a republican president.

Thanks to all the naive democrats that were easily influenced and the healthcare
profession for stopping Hillary we all know that Hillary’s quest for Universal Heathcare did not go very well behind the scenes with Congress and the heathcare Industry so this is why they teamed up and spent millions and millions of dollars to stop her and she still almost won now that’s one tough lady.

I say to those people voting vote for the candidate not the party
and look at who is the more experienced.
Written By: Enio Marini Connecticut
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Written By: ryxmpewcih

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