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From under the rubble
Posted by: Lance on Friday, September 12, 2008

I'll try and resume posting again this weekend now that I have dug out from under the worst hurricane Baton Rouge has ever experienced.

What? You weren't aware? Seems most people are not. I can't say why, since we didn't have power to see what the rest of the country saw.

We were lucky to have a battery powered TV/Radio which at least gave us some local news coverage on one station, which was Gustav coverage 24 hours a day. So my perspective is a bit warped. The rest of my days were spent clearing trees and debris or sitting bored out of my skull in incredibly hot and humid conditions. No lights, no air conditioner, no TV, no internet and nowhere to go. Everything was closed, gas required several hours of waiting, and no stoplights working. My neighborhood looked like a war zone. Now it is hard to see many of the houses with all the trees and debris stacked along the streets, some places almost 10 feet high, a wall of once beautiful live oaks.

Just lost power again at my home due to Ike which, while a long way away, is hitting a city with a power grid made of tissue paper and toothpicks at this point. Much of the city still has no power, and if the wind kicks up like we are told it will I expect we will have most of the city plunged into darkness again.

It does remind you of how dependent we all are on some form of power when it leaves you not for a few hours, or an evening or two, but days on end.

I'll try and post anyway if that does happen, and try and put up some pictures.
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Take care of you and yours, man.

be safe
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Glad to see you’re finally emerging. And ditto re what capt joe said.
Written By: MichaelW
Yes, we can’t do much nowadays with out power. Having lost power all to many times, I now have a 6KW portable gas powered generator which I can plug into my breaker box (after opening the main breaker) to support most of my household needs. I only run it as needed and have color coded the circuit breakers as to the loads needed. The exhaust is routed outside of the house since I keep the unit in the basement with CO and smoke detectors mounted above it. Since I am in a rural area I have a well pump and I fill a 30 gallon plastic container so I do not have to run the generator for cooking and toilet flush water. A gas stove in also useful, be it your main one or a camping one or even one of those gasoline camp stoves. Now that lead is out of the gasoline, one doesn’t need to use white gas. A significant storage of food is handy since "on time delivery" collapses during an emergency.

Take care and be safe.
Written By: AMR
URL: http://
That’s why you need to stock up:

1)Jack Daniels
2)Sailor Jerry
3)Glenfiddech 12 year
6)XM193 (at least 1k)
7)Winchester RA45T (RA9T if you own a 9) (at least 100)

Given the wife’s behaviour of late, sub more of 1-3 for 8.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
Glad you’re safe, Lance - best to you and let us know if you need anything.
Written By: McQ
Take care of you and yours, man.

be safe
Written By: Boogs
URL: http://
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