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The Old Grey Lady Sells her Soul
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, September 14, 2008

The New York Times does the predictable hit piece on Palin.

Jennifer Rubin of Contentions guts it like field dressing a dead moose so I don't have to and ably demonstrates "there's no 'there' there" in the Times piece.

Adds Mark Hemingway at The Corner:
... [T]he whole thing is just appalling. The New York Times hasn't begun to investigate Obama's deeply problematic background, nor have they run anything about him that has such an obvious and cringe inducing negative slant. Alas, it's just par for the course at the Times.
Such is the state of 21st century "journalism". Is it any wonder that used car salesmen usually fare better in approval ratings than do "journalists?"
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So all the expense of the travel and lodging in Alaska was just a washout I guess. Oh well, when it comes to the NYT bottom line, every little wasted expense is just another in a series of death-by-million-cuts.

Methinks Pinch is going to have to slash staff again, or start selling the times in packs of 6-rolls like t-paper (which is the most natural use for it lately)
Written By: shark
URL: http://
The Times still had any soul left to sell? I did not know that.
Written By: Billy Hollis
There are bigger fish to fry ..
Leading Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama pooh-poohed the idea that Iran or any of a few other "tiny" nations around the world offer a serious potential threat to the United States or the free world.
.. talk is cheap ..
Nuclear experts responsible for monitoring Iran’s nuclear programme have discovered that enough enriched uranium, which if processed to weapons grade level could be used to make up to six atom bombs, has disappeared from the main production facility at Isfahan.
This may be a big "game changer"
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
She only guts it if you think it was a hit piece. As Ms. Rubin says, there’s plenty of favorable material as well. Maybe it was a piece that laid out the good and bad. Or is any mention of bad off-limits for "Our Sarah"?
Written By: Steven Donegal
URL: http://

"Death by a million cuts", eh? I think that’s what the MSM is going for with Palin. They are throwing ANYTHING (fact, rumor, demented ravings of somebody at Kos, it doesn’t matter) against her in the hopes that, even if none of it sticks, it will cause John Q. Public to think of her as damaged goods. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

It remains to be seen if it works. In their zeal to slime Palin, the left is not giving ANYBODY a good reason to vote for The Annointed One. This election has become a referendum on Sarah Palin, not a contest between McCain and The Annointed one and CERTAINLY NOT a coronation of the left’s favorite candidate. Indeed, The Annointed One is looking increasingly ridiculous in all of this. The hysterical ravings that Palin lacks the experience to be VP only leads to natural questions about The Annointed One’s experience... or lack thereof. Gone as well are his pretensions of being a new kind of politician, a uniter who will rise about politics as usual. Instead, he and his partisans are stooping to unprecedented levels of nastiness, including sliming a 17 year-old girl. The halo is disappearing and people are finding out that The Annointed One is not an especially nice or likable person. Ace has a humorous essay on the "beer factor"; he has a point.(1) I can’t seen too many people actually liking The Annointed One or Joe Biden, or for that matter John McCain. Sarah Palin, on the other hand... It’s been a long time since we’ve had a candidate who seems so flippin’ NORMAL. She’s NOT a filthy-rich-Ivy-League-educated-lawyer-Washington-insider-power-player. I think a lot of people will continue to respond well to that and increasingly resent efforts by the left to smear her.


Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
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Written By: 7
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Written By: 57
This election has become a referendum on Sarah Palin, not a contest between McCain and The Annointed one and CERTAINLY NOT a coronation of the left’s favorite candidate.
I expect this will change come the debates. McCain is playing chess while Obama’s playing Chutes and Ladders. Get the Obama campaign off their sure-footing with flippant "attack" ads and the Palin pick, and then wham-o! Deliver the coup de grace at the debates. While the left is spinning up a storm over Palin, they won’t see The Straight Talker firing from guns until it’s far too late.
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
URL: http://
Obama says he worked at CAC
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
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Written By: jtsfds368
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Written By: vpdxcptpdgr
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Written By: zhnxfeydsc

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