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And the answer is ....?
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, September 16, 2008

So much for ethics.

As I predicted below, Nancy Pelosi chose party over ethics:
Republicans are seeking to highlight the controversy over his finances in the coming election, after Democrats have pounded them on issues of ethics and corruption.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi rejected those calls.

"I see no reason why Mr. Rangel should step down," she said Tuesday.
Of course making the prediction was like shooting fish in a barrel. No one who follows politics and knows anything about Nancy Pelosi expected any other outcome.

The reason, apparently now being trotted out for why Rangel shouldn't be shorn of his chairmanship is "he's a simple man" who doesn't apparently understand the tax laws he's been responsible for writing for 39 years:
"Mr. Rangel is a simple man. He has not had complicated partnerships, investments, investment strategies. He has a relatively simple financial life and not a lot of wealth," the lawyer said.
Yes, this simple man is charged with overseeing writing the tax code for you and me, and both of us know where we'd be right now if we'd "overlooked" reporting the profit on a house we sold, don't we? I mean how in the world does the simple man who chairs the House Ways and Means Committee understand enough about tax law to remain the chair if we're to buy into this lame excuse from his lawyer?

Charlie Rangel says this is "embarrassing" for him. Well these excuses and lack of action should be more embarrassing to the Democrats of the most "ethical Congress in history", but apparently they're immune from embarrassment at this point. Look at their approval ratings. Look at who they chose as Speaker of the House, for heaven sake. If they're no embarrassed by that, Charlie Rangel's ethical problems aren't going to phase them.

Is it any wonder the gap is closing in the Congressional races?
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The obvious retort is that the paid representatives of the citizens should NOT write tax codes that neither they nor the citizens understand.

If the guy writing them can’t understand what he’s wrote and passed on, then he shouldn’t draw a paycheck from us.

Besides, the guy is obvious a crook and a scumbag - as it that’s news.
Written By: Joseph Somsel
URL: http://
My goodness. This is comedy gold.

And I though Erb and mkultra were a self parady . . .
Written By: Don
URL: http://
Nancy Pelosi is a bigger embarrassment to the nation than Rep. Rangel.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
I found the idea that Rep. Rangel had to get a ’forensic accountant’ to go over his books absolutely amazing.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
So, let’s see...

—- When Jean-Francois Kerry was busy slandering his fellow servicemen, he was "just a kid" (of 27, IIRC) and therefore not responsible for what he was doing.

—- When Plugs Biden boasted of all his non-existent accomplishments, he was merely "angry" and his temper caused him to exaggerate.

—- When Sandy Burglar was stuffing classified documents into his underwear to smuggle out of the National Archives for subsequent destruction, he was just being "sloppy".

—- When The Annointed One was confronted with video of inflammatory (!) sermons from his pastor of twenty years, he said of his pastor, friend and mentor, "This isn’t the man I thought I knew."

—- When Charlie "The Tasmanian Devil"* Rangle fails to report income on his taxes, it’s because he’s "a simple man" and the tax code is just beyond his ability to comprehend.

And don’t even get me started on all the brilliant democrats who, when testifying before Congress, suddenly developed memories that would make a 90 year-old Alzheimer’s patient sneer...

See a pattern here?

Democrats ADMITTING that they are incompetent. Yet, we’re supposed to trust them to run the country???

It will be interesting to see the MSM go into full "memory hole" mode on this one. Most people, if told that Rangle was "too simple" to report all his income, aren’t going to buy it: a rich Congressman who didn’t pay his taxes because he’s "a simple man"??? NFW! The only hope SanFran Nan, Taz, and the rest of that filthy crew have is for their pals in the MSM to bury the st... Hey! Did you hear that Sarah Palin had a tanning bed in the governor’s mansion in Juneau? A ten-part expose starting tonight! And stay tuned afterward for an in-depth report on the books Sarah Palin might have thought about asking to have banned from the Wasilla Public Library! Next, we’ll talk to a dozen democrats who’ve never met Sarah Palin who’ll tell us why they don’t think she’s qualified to be the vice president. And other important stuff.


(*) Seriously, the guy talks like the cartoon character: "BLAH-WAHG-BUSH LIED-BLAHG-RACISM-SNARL-BLAHGH-TAX BREAKS FOR THE RICH-SNORT!" He’s even better than Trent "Foghorn Leghorn" Lott!
Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
Try the simple man ploy next time you talk to the IRS. Yeah, that should work.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
Between this and Spitzer, I actually can start to believe the NY could be in play in Nov
Written By: shark
URL: http://
Between this and Spitzer, I actually can start to believe the NY could be in play in Nov
NY has only gone R when that candidate wins coast-to-coast big like Nixon or Reagan. If NY, NJ and MA are in danger of going R than Barry-O is a dead man walking.
Written By: CR
URL: http://
"Mr. Rangel is a simple man. He has not had complicated partnerships, investments, investment strategies. He has a relatively simple financial life and not a lot of wealth," the lawyer said.
As an accounting student, I can absolutely assure you that never, during the cource of a "simple financial life" does one EVER need to hire forensic accountants.
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
It would probably be easier to understand how a taxpayer might overlook the profit on the sale of a house if that taxpayer had a complicated tax situation to report and was thus buried in a plethora of different forms to file. The "overlook" excuse really sounds flimsy where the opposite is true....where a taxpayer has a simple tax situation and only the fewer number of forms to file. Do you think that Rangel thought his position as chair of Ways and Means would buy him a sort of immunity regarding his tax filings.....especially since his Congressional district was a lock politically?
Written By: RAZ
URL: http://
This ’simple man’ with his ’simple financial life’ evidently finds that he cannot fill out, or even read, his own tax return.

"and not a lot of wealth"

Not according to his tax return or Senate financial disclosure form, but then we know now that there just might be something else out there.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Never again will the IRS have any credibility. If it’s chief Congressman responsible for the authority of its tax code "cannot understand it and is too confused to comply" and is excused for this confusion, none of the rest of us can come remotely close to his standard.

Make them tax filings up. Charlie Sez!
Written By: flyoversam
URL: http://
Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a prominent Hillary Clinton supporter and member of the Democratic National Committee’s Platform Committee, will endorse John McCain for president on Wednesday, her spokesman tells CNN.
This ought to leave a mark. I wonder if the "slime" machine is ready to go.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
If he’s really just "a simple man", they ought to do him a great favor and let him retire from the heavy burden of Congress. It must surely be ruining his health.

And how’s "a simple man" supposed to know that you’re supposed to pay tax on rental income?
Written By: ZZMike
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Written By: 3

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