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Knife Control: It is the implement, not the person
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, September 20, 2008

The logical next step based in a false premise. This "rally" will work so well that the call for the government to intervene and ban knives can't be far behind:
Thousands of people including victims of violent crimes and families of teenagers stabbed to death took to the streets of London today in a bid to stop young people carrying knives.

The People's March peace march was the brainchild of two south London women sickened by the rising tide of deaths they saw on the news.

Of course, since the banning of guns, the killing and maiming has continued hasn't it?

Slogans and stupidity - what's next, banning rocks?
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Here is what I think should be the next thing to ban:


After all, a sharpened pencil can be a dangerous weapon. You are writing one second, and then someone sneaks up on you, and ANNNNKKKK! you stab them in the eye with a razor-sharp No. 2.

Or, you are on a bus, minding your own business, when someone tries to jump on the bus, but a nasty man throws a pencil at the person and they fall into the street and die.

Do you see it now? Pencils are DANGEROUS. They need to be banned.

Then, we need to get rid of pens, paper (they cause nasty cuts, you know), and other implements as the Peaceniks see fit.

Then again, maybe the Left is so effing daffy that someone should just throw buckets of manure at them. That is, until the Left bans manure.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
This is the UK, so I would think Cricket bats would be next
Written By: newshutz
URL: http://
"The People’s March". Ugh. Not quite ’The People’s Princess", but not much better.

Everytime I see almost anything about the UK I am saddened about the state or play there and also thankful that I got out.

I don’t think very many people outside the UK have much of a clue how appalling the average youth / feral street troglydite in the UK is; or just how nasty is the air of menace pervades so much of the place.

It’s just.....over.

Written By: Hugo Williams
URL: http://
Anything that can cause harm with enough human-applied force, including teeth, hands and legs, must be banned. The last thing we’ll ban are the guillotines and pliers we need to safely secure these terrible weapons.
Written By: Bryan Pick
Considering that supermax prisons can’t even come close to stopping the creation of improvised knives, spikes and such, I somehow doubt that a governmental ban on knives will do much to curb their availability. But, hey, the British government isn’t exactly known for having good sense when it comes to weaponry and self-defense.
Written By: InebriatedArsonist
URL: http://
They can have my steak knives when they pry them out of my cold dead hands.

Considering that supermax prisons can’t even come close to stopping the creation of improvised knives, spikes and such, I somehow doubt that a governmental ban on knives will do much to curb their availability
Liberals believe all sorts of crazy things. How do you explain Obama?
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
nono... Clubs first, THEN rocks...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
Don’t worry, the Brits will never ban rocks. Rocks are needed to punish homosexuals under Shari’a law.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
"feral street troglydite"
Written By: Grimshaw
URL: http://
As Monty Python said .. What about the pointy stick ?
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Or the ?
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Tea will be banned next, it takes boiling hot water to brew it.
And we all know how dangerous hot water is.
Of course if you make sun tea the sun needs to be banned as well,
to stop it from heating the water the tea is brewed in....
Written By: nbpundit
We had the same crap here in Denmark in January this year; people are suckers for slogans and "feel-good" campaigns but show no ability to discern that

1) The police has failed through existing law, which is by far strict enough, to prevent the stabbings.

2) The cause of stabbings, which is in part poor social conditions (caused by government economic intervention and redistribution) and government sponsored immigration.

But since people would rather have slogans and these cozy demonstrations where they can show how bloody good they are to the rest of the world, but not cure the actual causes of the problems, I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of this.

And, naturally, the politicians that are suckers for vote harvesting off these stupid buggers.
Written By: Peter Bjørn Perlsø
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Written By: 3
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Written By: 7
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Written By: 7
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Written By: Knives argentines

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