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Obama, Ayers and their relationship
Posted by: McQ on Friday, October 10, 2008

What's Obama's latest dodge? Oh yeah, he didn't know Ayers did all those things.

Well watch this [Not Safe for Work - language in one spot]:

You know, I have to wonder what the reaction would be if David Duke had wandered off after his KKK days to become a professor at LSU. And let's say a young person who would later seek the presidency as a Republican had served on a boards with him. In fact, this person served as a chair of a board that Duke had helped form and written the bylaws for. And they'd also served with Duke on another foundation's board, made speeches with the Duke, as well as appearing on panels with him. Additionally, this young person wrote a favorable book review for the New Orleans paper about a book Duke wrote. And finally, Duke helps launch this person's initial congressional run from his living room. Do you suppose the left would treat it as much ado about nothing?

After all, as far as I know, David Duke is unrepentant about his previous activities as well. I know darn well people would be questioning this person's association, judgment and character all the while calling him a racist. They darn sure wouldn't let him get away with "oh, he's a guy who lives in the neighborhood" or "I didn't know he'd done all of that when I worked with him" (aka the "Reverend Wright" defense).

Now be honest - they wouldn't would they?
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Previous Comments to this Post 

"You know, I have to wonder..."
No you don’t. You know the response would be swift and unrelenting persecution of the candidate for association with radical racists. The contrast with the current Obama controversy is black and white....oh dear.

Despite the clear links with Ayers (and others) Obama is going to win this thing.
"President Barack Obama". Get used to reading and hearing that.
Hopefully, it won’t be as painful to watch as President Jimmy Carter.
Written By: TimM
URL: http://
Hopefully, it won’t be as painful to watch as President Jimmy Carter.
And, with any luck, the Obama Administration will not last longer than Carters.
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
And, with any luck, the Obama Administration will not last longer than Carters.
But how many people out there really know how to run a socialist democracy? We may be stuck with him for a while.
Written By: mac
URL: http://
All this William Ayers crap is right-wing garbage for a candidate that is clueless, out of touch and shares the same ideology as the previous administration that has led our country down the path of disaster. The Ayers-Obama relationship is trivial at best, and therefore the media decided long ago that there wasn;t anything to report.

I serve on three nonprofit Boards; if any one of my colleagues were a "terrorist" 30 years ago I wouldn’t know, now would I know the churches they attend, the men or women they sleep with, etc., I know them no more than to know them in relation to the mission of the charity, etc.

This is nothing less then good ol’ character assassination. The right-wing has nothing left to stand on.
Written By: AK
I serve on three nonprofit Boards; if any one of my colleagues were a "terrorist" 30 years ago I wouldn’t know
So - would you know if one of them published a book describing their terrorist past and indicating they don’t regret a bit of it?

Continually BAD decisions about who he associates with in order to gain power.
I’ll bet you believe George W. Bush did exactly that to get where he is, and I’ll bet it bothers you.

And Rev Wright?
Can we assume B. Obama was asleep during all those "Damn the US & down with the white folks" sermons?
Is that what you think went on?

Try for honest answers now. No weasel wording.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
But David Duke does not even compare to Bill Ayers. Ayers was a murderer. Of course, the Democrats are very used to having political relationships with outright murderers, aka Ted Kennedy.
Written By: Mark
URL: http://
Other criminals have trouble getting a job in a garage fixing cars, or washing dishes... I worked with a man who’d been in prison once... he was doing mechanical work with plastic molding next to a furnace in heat that had men puking and unable to bear it... and he never killed anyone, or blew anything up.

Someone should suggest to him that teaching college is the way to go.
Written By: synova
URL: http://
They elected Robert Byrd, why does anyone think they’ll have a problem with Ayers.

Now, the general public is starting to clue in, on Obama’s many deep associations, which the Big-O keeps having to hide and walk back. ACORN for instance.

O’s problem is he keeps having to revise and amend his statements about his associations. He always ends up, that’s not the man I knew.
Written By: Keith_Indy
for crying out loud. This is for the position of the presidency of the United States..OF COURSE THIS STUFF IS IMPORTANT! Better to find now so we can make an informed decision rather than what the media led us into with the clinton years. I really don’t know what some people are thinking!!
Written By: Calypso Jones
URL: http://

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