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Was this ever in question?
Posted by: McQ on Friday, October 17, 2008

I mean the endorsement, not the question itself:
Now that Barack Obama has received the endorsement of the Brady Campaign gun-control group, will the Supreme Court’s findings in the D.C. gun-ban “Heller” case matter?
That's a good question - if Obama wins. DC is a federal district. It is essentially under the control of the federal government. With a majority Democrat Congress and a Democratic president who initially backed the DC gun prohibition law (and then claimed he really didn't), would it surprise anyone to see some semblance of the law reinstated?
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would it surprise anyone to see some semblance of the law reinstated?

But consider the implications this thing drags along with it, taht are WAY beyond Heller. Is there any part of the constitution they won’t ignore, given that degree of power?

Written By: Bithead
Well, lets count some of the ways:

1. 2nd Amendment (see also #3)
2. Fairness Doctrine
3. Supreme Court - Constitution says minimum of 9 judges, but there could be more. Imagine Obama, with the support of a Fillibuster-proof Senate appointing 2 more judges. Now you have an 11 judge court - 6 of whom would be liberal. Imagine the irreparable mischief that could be created here.
4. Passage of a law allowing for Unrestrictive Abortions thoughout the country. Thereby alleviating some of the potential threat to Roe v Wade by giving it legislative backing.

That’s just the beginning of the list. Care to add to it?
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
No. Frankly it’s too depressing and far too long. It’d be far shorter and easier an effort to list what would be LEFT, in terms of rights.

Your list doesn’t even scratch the surface of how screwed we are if these thugs ever get power. Consider the entire Corsi investigation/arrest/Odinga meme. Consider the Joe the Plumber deal. In each of those cases... and there’s certainly more, the level of intimidation employed takes on a Stalinist level of intensity. Butt those two situations and their implications, up against our current discussion, and do the math. Can you imagine what these thugs do when they get the power of government behind them?


Written By: Bithead
Bithead - Is there any part of the constitution they won’t ignore, given that degree of power?

No, there isn’t.
Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
am I wrong to want to see all the Brady group shot in the head with cheap handguns?
Written By: kyleN
KyleN: Not in the least. Recently I’ve become fond of the idea of clubbing liberals to death like seals, but I capitulate to your method of dispatch because of its nice irony.

There’s nothing wrong with wanting to see criminals punished. A "criminal" in the true sense is simply defined as someone who deprives you of your rights. This includes forcibly depriving you of your right to means of self-defense, which is what gun control laws do. (If it isn’t "force," then what is it when the police throw you into a cell for an "unlawful" firearm?)

Capital punishment for criminals is quite appropriate when their willful actions have led (even indirectly) to people’s very preventable deaths, including gun control advocates whose "laws" made people defenseless. Tell me how effective 911 was in saving Hsiao Hsu (shot to death while calling 911 and trying to get away from home invaders), Jane Morgan (raped and murdered in her own apartment), Judith Pyle (raped and left in the snow to die), Olidia Kerr Day (called 911 but couldn’t get help, made it to the police parking lot only to be shot dead), and Satender Singh (punched in the head during a brawl, someone had called 911 when things began but police "couldn’t find the area"!).

The full list is far longer, of course. These people didn’t have to die; they could very likely still be alive today had "the law" not made it a crime to arm themselves at least as well as their attackers. As far as I’m concerned, Sarah Brady and her ilk are accomplices to every crime committed against someone who could have defended himself/herself had the law not made it a crime for the victim to keep a firearm.

My wife and I will most certainly shoot first and ask questions later. We refuse to become the next statistics.
Written By: Perry Eidelbus
P1Hbin yyvopauleeph, [url=]aqgqcroyxvct[/url], [link=]qaitejwrpsxg[/link],
Written By: 3
What Second Amendment? — BATFE Chairperson Sarah Brady, Jan 21, 2009.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://
There is no doubt that the provisions requiring the firearm to be disassembled, trigger locked and unloaded will be reinstated. Semi-automatic handguns will become machine guns once again illegal for common citizens to own, but perfectly okay for police and politicians’ security guards. Pretty much every right we hold dear will at least be challenged even if they cannot muster enough popular support from the sheeple to get it done. At least until it becomes conspiracy to criticize the government, then no one may complain and they will do as they please. I used to think that a lot of people were nut jobs yapping about evil government conspiracies to deprive us of our rights until I started poking around and thinking and I realized that they are not trying to usurp our rights. They are doing it and doing a darn good job of it at that. I can only hope that if Obama is elected, that he and his cohorts act too quickly and shock a lot of people awake so that there are enough angry people out there stirring up resentment and revolt that he is effectively restrained.
Written By: Adam

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