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Resisting Temptation
Posted by: Dale Franks on Friday, October 24, 2008

Well, I hemmed and hawed throughout the day, dithering about whether or not to get an M1 Carbine. in the end, I decided not to buy one.

I bought two.

Two is better than one

Chris has a birthday coming up, and she doesn't have a rifle of her own. The guy at Turner's told me that they had two in the warehouse, and if I bought both of them, I could get a discount. So, I picked up both of them for less than $700 apiece. Auto Ordnance's MSRP is $899, so I got a pretty good deal.

So, that's pretty much 6 month's worth of savings gone, when you throw in the additional $400 bucks for 1000 rounds of Georgia Arms 100-gr soft point.

I got several emails about why I was looking at the M1 Carbine.

First off, I am a WWII buff. I already have a Garand, an the carbine is the companion for it. But the Garand's .30-06 ammo is way too expensive to plink with very often.

The SKS ammo is cheap enough, but it's a heavy rifle, and Chris likes shooting it for the low recoil, but it's very front-heavy, so it's hard for her to hold it to her shoulder for very long. The M1 Carbine is way lighter at 5.5 pounds, and has very low recoil.

And for both the Garand and the SKS, there is no place for us to shoot it, except one members-only shooting club about 30 miles away. With the carbine, we can shoot at one of the other indoor ranges with no problem.

Finally, there is the home defense issue. I don't ever expect to need it, of course, but both the Garand and SKS are entirely unsuitable for home defense. The SKS shoots through schools. The Garand shoots through two schools.

The carbine, with soft points, doesn't overpenetrate, and packs a much better punch than a pistol, and is accurate out to 200+ meters or so. In fact, I'm now thinking of selling my Glock, and just relying on the carbine for home defense. And, of course, the carbine doesn't have to be registered like a pistol does.

I'm not a fan at all of the AR platform for a number of reasons, so the carbine seems like a good, all-round plinker and personal defense weapon.

So, now, I'm living in the longest measure of time known to man: the time between buying a gun, and picking one up.
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Carbines are a lot of fun! I picked up two from the CMP program, circa 1940’s.... 60 year old rifles with new barrels that shoot straight and true. I concur with the ammo it is cheaper, and will drop a deer easily.
Written By: Spank That Donkey
I concur with the ammo it is cheaper, and will drop a deer easily.
I’m not concerned about deer-killing actually.

We have supermarkets in our neighborhood.
Written By: Dale Franks
What lock, and what price-point are you looking at? :)

And this woman you lucked into being with... Does she have a sister? :-D
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
What lock, and what price-point are you looking at? :)
I’m not sure what you’re asking me.

If you mean a gun lock, the answer is "none". I’ve got a solid steel Sentry gun safe.

Written By: Dale Franks
Sorry... I meant "what Glock"... Model, and such...

Was a wee bit drunk when I typed that. :)
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
For home defense, any pistol is a bad choice. I’ve got an AR in 6.8 SPC and a 12 gauge with 00 Buck. My house is block, so I’ve got pretty good back stops all the way around, I just have to ensure I’m not pointing towards my girls’ rooms.

The Mossberg is for the Mrs. It’s a myth you don’t have to aim a shottie, buy at least you don’t have to aim as well and she’s not a shooter like me. Plus, the KER-CHUNK of tossing a shell in the chamber is often all that’s needed to remind the intruder he’s in the wrong house.

The rifle is my go to gun for defense as I’m adept enough to hit moving targets at 100 yards, inside the house is even easier.

I have a CCW, so my Glock 29 is my carry piece. Yeah, it’s a 10mm sub compact, but growing up on .357 Magnum, I’m a recoil junkie as it is. But it’s still a handgun. It’s underpowered, but portable.

If finances allow, I’d say keep the pistol. Even if you don’t carry, it’s good to practice at the range.
Written By: Robb Allen
Well Hooray for Dale, he bought his wife a death machine...that says so much about you nut-jobs...I’m hoping the next POTUS will change things and bring the US more into line with the reasonable restraint on small arms tha the UN proposes.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
"Finally, there is the home defense issue.....and is accurate out to 200+ meters or so".

My, you have a large house. You must buy carpet by the hectare. An area rug for you must be wall-to-wall for anyone else.

Written By: timactual
URL: http://
"The SKS shoots through schools."

You don’t have to use FMJ ammo in the SKS, you know. With good quality western soft-point ammunition the 7.62x39mm is a rather good self-defense caliber.
Written By: Tony
URL: http://
The carbine is great, much better ergonomics vice the SKS. Sights in particular beat out the commie carbines.

Written By: Don
URL: http://
Well Hooray for Dale, he bought his wife a death machine...that says so much about you nut-jobs...I’m hoping the next POTUS will change things and bring the US more into line with the reasonable restraint on small arms tha the UN proposes.
Will that also include the nearly 60% under reporting of gun crimes like in Jolly Gun-Free England? Or the 22% increase in violent crimes?

Here’s the fun part Joseph. You can’t have my guns. Period. Even if Obama steals his way into the White House and declares all firearms off limits, I will not turn in mine. In order to get them, you’re going to have to have armed police to come and get them, and yes, death will be involved.

So, statists like yourself LOVE guns. You love the fact that you can kill someone over their views so long as you’ve tried your darndest to prevent them from being able to defend themselves.

I have more firearms than the normal person, even above the average for the US.

And there’s nothing you or any president can do about it.
Written By: Robb Allen
Ah, yes, the ’reasonable restraint’ of the UN. Where self-defense is ’violating the rights of the attacker’ and firearms are to be forbidden because private ownership of such does not serve the State; just go hand-to-hand with your attacker, and be sure not to hurt him, or the State will put you in jail.
Written By: Firehand
Well Robbie-boy I suspect by posting here you give us your IP address, so I’d stop boasting about my arsenal of death machines and start worrying about society enforcing reasonable controls on you. Oh and the England figures, remember: Figures never lie, but liars figure...sure gun violence is up some astronomical amount, just realize, if there was one gun death 5 years ago, 2 4 years ago, 4 3 years ago, 8 2 years ago, and 16 this year, each year sees a 100% increase in gun deaths, but over all only 33 peole will have died, so when you compare Britain’s gun death INCREASES with the 20,000 PER YEAR in the US it begins to wear a bit thin, doesn’t it?

Plus, you fell for the troll comment...N00B! I do stand by the analysis of gun violence in Britain v. gun violence in the US...gun violence is LOWER in Britain, even if it is escalating at an alarming rate, but it is nowhere near the level of gun violence in the US....but, here’s some info you might not know. Britain has less GUN VIOLENCE than the US, but it’s OVERALL violent crime rate is very comparable to the US’. You might be more likely to be murdered in NYC, but you are just as likely to be raped or robbed in either London or NYC.
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Joe, I blog under my real name. I’m a 2A activist, so I’m in people’s faces all the time about my gun ownership. I have plenty of firearms purchased where a 4473 was required, and quite a few that Uncle Sam has no idea about and never will. People like you far from scare me. You’re too cowardly to personally take my guns so you hide behind the government’s guns to do the dirty work for you.

Gun violence is actually less in the US when you take into consideration the number of guns and populace. 270,000,000 at the last estimation (9 for every 10 people. Slackers), and that’s just in the hands of civilians, not the military nor police (even though the police are civilians too).

There were, in 2004 (I’ve not done the numbers for 2005 yet) 16,750 deaths via firearms that weren’t suicides or via the police (the cops get special treatment when they kill others). Of those 16,750, an unknown number are justifiable homicides. But even if we don’t take that into consideration, you are talking about .006% of all firearms are used in the death of others (this is also too high as some firearms are used for multiple deaths).

You can fact check my numbers here, if you’re so inclined.
You might be more likely to be murdered in NYC, but you are just as likely to be raped or robbed in either London or NYC.
But I’m quite more likely to be able to defend myself here in the U.S. than in London.

Of course, you mouth how wonderful the EU is but don’t appear too excited about it to actually move there, eh?
Written By: Robb Allen
Hey Robb haven’t caught on yet have you, N00b! I’m TROLLING...OH HELLO. Develop a sense of humour why don’t you. And here’s another tid-bit, you can robbed or raped EQUALLY in NYC or London, kinda implies that the right to self defense doesn’t mean that much, does it?

And as far as deaths per firearm, well that isn’t that comforting is it? Hey as compared to Iraq we’re quite peaceful, right? So the OBVIOUS rejoinder is, "Gee if we REDUCED the number of fire arms, THEN the number of gun deaths will fall, using your own logic and figures."

How about trying the old, 2 million crimes are prevented by firearms, rather than falling into the trap of debating gun deaths?

Abnd get out of people’s faces about @a rights how about it? Is the ACLU popular for gtting in people’s faces about 1 A rights?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
Sorry, sarcasm impaired this weekend.

I’d blame the flu, but it’s probably more being an activist that makes me sensitive.

Sorry for the confusion!
Written By: Robb Allen
Congratulations on your new purchases. May they shoot well for your and Chris.

I hope you’ll post pictures of ’em when they (finally!!!) get to you.

Got magazines? "What-a-Country" has some pretty good pricing:

Have fun at the range.
Written By: Blackwing1
URL: http://
Well Joe,

There are death machines in this world. The #1 Death Machine is humans. If you are going to start blaming machines for deaths, you really need to devote your time to the automobile. Far more Americans die at the hands of cars.

I’d rather die at the hands of a death machine with a gun, and die free Joe. Though I strongly prefer having a 50/50 chance of defending myself. It is far better than dying a slave in gas chamber in a government authorized and wholly legal death camp.

Written By: N.U.G.U.N.
If you are a WW2 buff, why didn’t you buy at least one M1 carbine from CMP? That way you would have an authentic WW2 weapon.
Written By: harp1034
URL: http://
If you are a WW2 buff, why didn’t you buy at least one M1 carbine from CMP? That way you would have an authentic WW2 weapon.

They didn’t have any that I wanted.
Written By: Dale Franks
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