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Government Health Care - Coming to Congress in January
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, October 25, 2008

Even more of a reason to be quaking in your boots.

Remember this from the DNC?
"I pledge to you that I will be there next January on the floor of the United States Senate," Mr. [Edward] Kennedy told the cheering crowd in Denver. "This is the cause of my life, new hope that we will break the old gridlock and guarantee that every American - north, south, east, west, young, old - will have decent, quality health care as a fundamental right and not a privilege."
My guess is, Ted doesn't have much time left. Consequently, he's approaching this as a legacy issue for him. And the stars, it appears, or at least he believes, are lining up perfectly for him.
"Were Obama to win, [Mr. Kennedy] will have significant influence on an Obama administration?" Mr. Pollack predicted.
So why wait, right?
Mr. Kennedy's goal, his aides say, is to introduce a universal health care bill as soon as the new Congress convenes next year and to push quickly for its passage - a much-accelerated timetable compared with the last time that a health care overhaul was on the agenda, at the start of the Clinton administration.

"Senator Kennedy has spent the last several weeks laying the groundwork for reform so that we can be ready to go in 2009," said his spokesman Anthony Coley. "This is and has been the cause of Senator Kennedy's life."
Monetarily chest deep in the financial bailout and the take over of a significant portion of the economy, Kennedy will be pushing, in January, for another 1/7th of the GDP to be taken by government as well. And he will use his every tool he has available to get it passed, to include his own health if he thinks it will emotionally sway enough to pass this.

As you might suspect, he has 'bi-partisan support':
Among those who are receptive to a bipartisan plan and who have participated in the initial talks is Sen. Michael B. Enzi of Wyoming, the ranking Republican on the Senate health committee, which Mr. Kennedy leads.
About those tax cuts for 95% of Americans (see "snake oil")...
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Previous Comments to this Post 

You know, I am starting to feel the way "Joe the Plumber" is feeling about what will happen if Obama does win.

I fear for my country, and this is after living through the Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton years. They were nothing compared to the coming disaster.

2010 can’t come soon enough.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
From what I understand, 2010 can’t take the Congress away from the Democrats, especially after this election.

Perhaps we can hope for filibuster ability, but remember, they will be in a filibuster proof position to eliminate the filibuster in many situations.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
1) Legacy issue or not, if Kennedy thinks that ramming universal health care through is going to keep him from burning in he** for his actions, he’s sadly mistaken

I fear for my country
I don’t....I fear for myself and my family. The rest of the people who chose this disaster aren’t my concern
Written By: shark
URL: http://
I’m gonna invest in the big hospital that will inevitably be built in Mexico for all the gringos and Canadians who will not be able to get timely, life-saving treatment in the US...dang, I’ll make a fortune!!
Written By: Fuuzyrider
URL: http://
All the crazies who plan to vote for Obama because they think scientific research will be freed from the shackles of the religious right? Imagine their surprise when they discover that money that used to go for research will have to go to pay for medicines and procedures that private insurance used to pay for. Imagine when they find that new global warming regulations strip the economy to the bone and drain the treasury faster than taxes can be raised? Just imagine their surprise when they realize the monster they helped create.

Only they’re probably too stupid to ever figure it out.
Written By: Bradley
URL: http://
some what off topic but you have to see biden get asked questions he doesn’t like
Written By: mac
URL: http://
I look forward to the day when physicians simply refuse to accept government insurance including medicare and medicaid.

Now that would really throw a wrench into the dem’s plans. How would they force doctors to tend to the needs of the government insured?

Government can force its citizens onto a jury and sometimes draft them in times of war, but force doctors to service the parasite class? Hmmm.

Written By: tim stevens
URL: http://
being in the military and getting free health care i’m more likely to go or take my family to the doctor for less serious illnesses than i would be if i were paying out of pocket for either the care or insurance. Have any of the politicians considered this or the various optional procedures such as visectomies, tubal ligation, sex changes, breast enlargements, etc that people will claim in the name of mental health?

Wonder how long obamas tax cuts and wealth redistribution plan will last under such a gov’t funded health care program.
Written By: mac
URL: http://

Many of us already have insurance companies pay fvor our care, except for a small co-pay. I know we have gone to the doctor much more often than we would have otherwise, usually with no real value from the provider, but hey, it’s almost free.

Furthermore, when someone else pays, you don’t shop around.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
It is good to recognize the biggest problems in a (relatively) free society are caused by third party payer systems.

Government health care just replaces the insurance company’s bureaucrats with government ones. I think that bureaucrats that respond to political process are not that much worse than ones that respond to stockholders and the patients employer.

Of course in an unfree society, I think the government bureaucrats would be much worse.
Written By: newshutz
URL: http://

I’ve wondered the same thing. What does the government do when doctors just start refusing to work for what the government wants to pay?

I believe I read an article where this has already happened in Austin, Texas.

I was judging a debate contest last March in which high school students were arguing the positives and negatives of Universal/Government controlled health care.

We were allowed to pose questions to the students after they had presented their points. When I asked one the students on the "pro" Universal Healthcare side what they would do if Doctors refused to work for the fees that they were offered, she said that Universal/Government Healthcare would weed out the doctors who were only doing it for money, and the one’s who remained would be the one’s who "really" wanted to help people. She said this with a smile and a twinkle in her eye. I would say she truly believed it.

All I could think was, Good Lord, were doomed.

Written By: autot
URL: http://
"I look forward to the day when physicians simply refuse to accept government insurance including medicare and medicaid."

Some already do.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
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Written By: 3

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