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Obama’s Secret Weapon? the ChildrenTM
Posted by: MichaelW on Monday, October 27, 2008

I've raised before what I find to be the Obama campaign's disturbing attempts to indoctrinate children. Now they are encouraging those children to go out as little Obama ambassadors to convert their grandparents to The One:
Last Friday, Representative Jan Schakowsky wrote an article for the Huffington Post encouraging supporters to reach out to their Grandparent to talk about Barack Obama:

This message is exclusively for Obama supporters who: 1) Have grandparents who are planning to vote for John McCain or are undecided about their choice for President and 2) Know someone whose grandparents are voting for John McCain or are undecided about their choice for President.

...I have been overwhelmed and inspired by the passion and commitment of young Obama volunteers and supporters everywhere I have traveled as one of the national co-chairs of Barack's campaign. Harnessing that energy for the purpose of moving older voters toward Barack Obama seemed like a natural.
Rep. Schakowsky lists a number of reasons why anyone over the age of 65 should support Barack Obama, including his position on Social Security, Medicare and taxes (as well as John McCain's opposing positions on the same). But in the end, she argues, the most effective argument may be an emotional one.

The one thing most grandparents have in common is that they have the most wonderful grandchildren in the world - so clever, so handsome, so pretty, ever so precious. Even if you are still unsure of your path in life, and even if your parents and friends occasionally wonder about you, your grandma and grandpa love you and have faith in you.

That is your weapon! "Precious" needs to get on the phone and say, "Grandpa, Grandma, I am asking you to vote for Barack Obama. This is really important to me. It's about my future. It's about the world I will be living in. It's about the world I want for my future children. (They will love that one!) Please! Do it for me!"

...The really great part of this strategy is that everything you could possibly say to your grandparents about how important Barack's election is for you is one hundred percent true.

When it comes to your family, you are Barack's most effective advocate.
"That is your weapon"? This is a campaign strategy? Employing the emotional bonds that grandparents and parents have for the children in their families in order to guilt them into voting for Obama? Apparently neither cynicism nor rank ambition have any bounds.

What bothers me most about this is the base manipulation of kids who don't know any better. The Obama campaign is actively and aggressively encouraging the use of children as emotional fodder in its effort to elect him president. I can't think of anything lower or more craven than using children to attain one's own goals.

As a society, we look down on the overly exuberant dad who tries to relive his glory days as a football player through his son. We excoriate the mother who paints her daughter in garish hues for beauty pageants, all so she can recapture her lost youth. Why then would we find purposefully indoctrinating young children to be Obamabots to be acceptable on any level? I can't think of any reasons because, quite frankly, there are none. Using children for any reason is wrong. Period. End of story.

[HT: LGF via HAHL]
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Well, no. When they get the kids one on one behind closed doors, they hand out syringes full of potassium chloride, and tell them if the grandparents are truly intent on voting for McCain, that "this is how you make it look like a heart attack."

I realize it sounds harsh, pitting the generations against each other this way. But this is serious revolution. No room for half measures, eh?
Written By: Ellen
URL: http://
No room for half measures, eh?
Well, as my grandfather used to say, if you’re going to do something, you may as well do it right.

Hmm. I wonder if these cardiac-arrested grandparents would be counted in the 25 Million figure estimated by Ayers and the gang?
Written By: MichaelW
If my grandkid called and tried to get me to vote for a socialist, I’d write the lil bastard out of my will.

I figure the lil SOB can get his handout from the state...
Written By: Scott Jacobs
URL: http://
kids who don’t know any better
From what i know of my own 18-24 group most of them also don’t know any better. Campaign of ignorance? And i don;t say that lightly, as most democrats do to non democrats. I have ask a few about things and most just simply stumble over their words and get flustered when actually discussing politics and the plans of the candidates.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
March on, Red Pioneers!
Written By: CR
URL: http://
The left really started doing this on the Global Warming sham. Turning kids as class projects into environmental cops and what not. The Big Zero is just following on with it.
Written By: SkyWatch
URL: http://
How fitting and appropriate;

"And a little child shall lead them".

Isaiah 11:1-10
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
"what I find to be the Obama campaign’s disturbing attempts to indoctrinate children."

Uh, I hate to say this, but the Clown Obama and his fellow sc*mbags in the MSM have been indoctrinating adults. They have been doing it since 2000, when Bush won and they created this "Bush stole the election" canard.

Maybe if we cry "Obama stole the election" loud enough, we can do to them what they did to us: make us illegitimate from the start. Then we can work from there.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://

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