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Voting Fraud Is Alive And Well
Posted by: MichaelW on Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Despite those who insist that it's a myth, voting fraud continues to happen.

Christina Garcia, a resident of Council Bluffs IA was recently duped into signing a ballot.

According to Angela Hayes, Ms. Garcia’s daughter, a Democratic canvasser visited her mother sometime mid-October. Ms. Garcia’s son, Emeterio Garcia, who lives nearby was called over during the conversation at which point Emeterio asked the canvasser what was going on, the canvasser stated he was there to “register new democrats” and Emeterio responded that “his mother was not a democrat.” Emerterio than asked the man to leave.

Ms. Garcia contacted her daughter and her son soon there after wondering when she could vote. Angela Hayes, Ms. Garcia’s daughter then followed up with Pottawatomie County Clerk and discovered that her mother had already voted by mail.
Someone will surely suggest that this is just an isolated incident. Such a suggestion would have you assume that some pranksters got together and decided that it would be great fun to place a vote for some demented woman incapable of making decisions for herself. That nothing of this sort had ever happened before, and that there certainly was not any concerted effort to target nursing homes as a means of capturing votes. In short, you would be asked to believe that there is no pattern here whatsoever.

Common sense would dictate otherwise.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Well some might argue a person with dementia might not be the best person to vote at all.
Written By: josh b
URL: http://
Isn’t this the place where MK scurries in and shouts "Diebold!, Stolen Election!" before staggering off into some mental outback wasteland of talking points?

Meanwhile - and where are the others who will point out registration isn’t voting. As if illicit registration can be poo-poohed as virtually no crime committed. Sort of like, robbing a convenience store doesn’t rise to the level of bank robbery.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
Here’s the thing: in order to prove an actual conspiracy and not just "isolated incidents", there has to be evidence that this sort of thing is orchestrated and directed by one person or small group. We don’t have such evidence (though I must say that, if the MSM HAD such evidence, I think they’d bury it), so it’s easy for the dems (spit) and their MSM lapdogs to pooh-pooh the idea that the dems (spit) are engaged in a national effort to subvert our democracy.

Does this mean that it isn’t happening? No. The dems have taken on a model not dissimilar to another enemy of the United States: al Qaeda. There are lots of different cells and groups in that organization, loosely connected together only by the overarching goal of causing destruction to Israel and the United States. Ditto these liberal (spit) groups: they aren’t (as far as we know) getting daily, detailed instructions about how to commit registration fraud, vote fraud, propagandize for dems (spit), etc; what they DO have is an overarching hatred of George Bush, Republicans, the free market, Christianity, and other traditional American values and institutions, a general consensus of how those things can be subverted and destroyed, and a desire to do so.

Easy to see what’s happening. Hard to prove in a legal sense.
Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
Here’s the thing: in order to prove an actual conspiracy and not just "isolated incidents", there has to be evidence that this sort of thing is orchestrated and directed by one person or small group.
Huh, informal, street-level community organizing?

I can’t imagine who’d be capable of such a thing.
Written By: Doug
URL: http://

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