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Some interesting exit poll numbers in GA
Posted by: McQ on Friday, November 07, 2008

The one I found most stunning was this:
Final exit poll numbers from Georgia show John McCain doing surprisingly well among young voters in Georgia.

Age: 18-29
John McCain: 51%
Barack Obama: 48%
Bob Barr: 1%

Age: 30-44
John McCain: 44%
Barack Obama: 56%
Bob Barr: 1%
Yes, that's right, in the 18-29 "youth vote", McCain beat Obama - at least in GA.

McCain got 76% of the white vote, Obama got 98% of the black vote.

But men and women split:
John McCain: 58%
Barack Obama: 40%
Bob Barr: 1%

John McCain: 46%
Barack Obama: 54%
Bob Barr: 0
As for issues, this is how it broke down in GA. The top 5 issues were the economy (61%), health care (11%), energy, terrorism(8%), and Iraq war (85). McCain took 3 of the 5 to include the top issue - the economy:
Economy (61%)
John McCain: 52%
Barack Obama: 47%
Bob Barr: 1%

Health care (11%)
John McCain: 23%
Barack Obama: 76%
Bob Barr: 0

Energy (9%)
John McCain: 70%
Barack Obama: 28%
Bob Barr: 2%

Terrorism (8%)
John McCain: 84%
Barack Obama: 14%
Bob Barr: 2%

Iraq war (8%)
John McCain: 35%
Barack Obama: 65%
Bob Barr: 0
However, even though Obama eventually lost GA, the next statistic points to a fabulous GOTV effort on his part for first time voters (11% of the total). These are the voters who made it marginally close:
First-time voters (11%)
John McCain: 37%
Barack Obama: 62%
Bob Barr: 0
All of us here have pointed out that when all is said and done, GOTV is the key. You cannot fault the Obama GOTV effort (and note, given the first statistic, that it wasn't necessarily the "youth vote"). It rewrote the book. And Republicans better go to school on it if they hope to have a chance in coming elections.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

certainly, the GOTV effrots were nationwide on Obama’s part.
Thing is, we’re being told the numbers of vters, even with the new influx, is about the same as ’04.

Which, if you follow this to it’s logical end, means that what won the election for Obama is the Republican base staying home.
Written By: Bithead
Without checking, I would wager that 18-29 ratio holds fairly true for all the states with the Plantation Belt running through them.
Written By: Arcs
URL: http://
Maybe. But what’s interesting is the amount of "first time voters" who went for Obama and the number of young voters who didn’t.

You’d think that if he’d turned on the youth vote like we were told they’d comprise a large part of the first time voters, yet while 62% of first time voters went for Obama, only 48% of the youth vote did.

It takes a lot of air out of the role the youth vote played (at least in this case). the first time voters are most likely what swung this election for him nationally and if that’s the case, if this particular exit poll is at all indicative, most of them came from the over 30 demographic.
Written By: McQ
What none of those number say is that Obama only got 400,000 more votes nationwide than Kerry did in 2004. 400,000! He spent $250,000,000 to get that additional 400,000 votes!

Yes, I know the response to this: but he won!

Yes, he did. But he won in a year in which ACORN allegedly registered millions of new voters, yet only 400,000 turned up? Nationwide?

And Obama won barely in Florida, and North Carolina, and Ohio, and Indiana. If in a year when everything was going Obama’s and the Democrats’ way he only barely won these states, in two and four years if things remain lousy and the Dems get the blame those states will flip, and Obama will see his electoral college blowout in 2008 go right against him in 2012.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
@ James - Unless we Reps run a Bob Dole or another McCain. If that happens, I’ll vote for Obama just like I voted for Clinton in 1996. Sometimes the giant douche is preferable over a turd sandwhich.
Written By: Ronnie Gipper
URL: http://
Don’t forget 25% of that 250 million was raised through a system where the fraud prevention checks were deliberately disabled. O should be moving into a jail cell for conspiracy to commit fraud.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://
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