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Post Racial?
Posted by: McQ on Monday, November 10, 2008

Patrice O'Neal says "who are you kidding"?!
"Comedian" (and I do use the term loosely) Patrice O'Neal dialed the John Gibson show on Friday night to explain that Obama's election was nothing more than a propped up mechanism to falsely relieve "white guilt" over the idea that all white people are racist, and that they've now elected an "acceptable black man" so as to believe that America is now a post-racial nation. O'Neal went on to decry that Obama can't and never will be able to get "black America" to forgive "white America."
Quick note to O'Neal - I don't ever recall asking for, needing or even desiring "forgiveness" for something I had no hand in. "White guilt?" Not here.

With excuses for failure becoming harder to come by, do your best to keep that "racist" flag flying, Mr. O'Neal. The fact that it is now at half staff ought to tell you something.

And now back to your regularly scheduled blog reading.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Uh, they can’t "forgive us"?

How about we take back that ol’ affirmative action, which, after all, is :white guilt" to aid "the downtrodden black man."

Earn it on your own, black America. Enough is enough from this "whitey" who has seen enough kowtowing to your victimization for far too long.

Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
I happen to be a big fan of the Opie and Anthony show, of which Patrice is a friend of and constant guest. Most of the time he’s disagreeing with the blacks so I’m surprised he said that. Although my girlfriend was yapping on her cell phone while I was trying to hear Patrice on election day so I missed that part. At least Patrice was on Don Imus’ side during that whole debacle.

I agree with James - earn it yourself black America. I’m also out of white guilt.
Written By: MikeGyver
URL: http://
I’m putting in a good word for Patrice here....he’s hysterical.

Anyone that could go on FNC and explain "donkey punch" is ok by me!

Written By: shark
URL: http://
I’ve heard Patrice on John Gibson’s show a couple of times and I would give him the benefit of the doubt. I’d bet that he was actually mocking the white liberal guilt that led to so much of the one’s support. Per Tavis Smiley, many black people (especially race baiters like Sharpton and Jackson) will not easily give up their grievances.
Written By: jt007
URL: http://
A Haitian born co worker of mine (she’s now a citizen, and yes, she voted) even in the midst of celebrating last Wednesday morning, told me that Obama wasn’t actually black—that since his mother was a white woman, he was really a white too. My only response was, "well, we whites think he’s a black".

Of course, considering Haitian history (which is dominated by tensions and outright conflict between mulattoes and blacks of unmixed African ancestry), her attitude might not the norm among American blacks. But I’ve heard of at least one black (a man named Ogletree/Oglethorpe?) publicly speechify that since Obama was biracial, his election was not really a victory of blacks—whites simply voted for a white man whose father happened to be black.

I guess that’s what you call shifting goalposts?
Written By: kishnevi
whites simply voted for a white man whose father happened to be black.
Oh my god... will this ever end? When will the color of your skin cease to matter?
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Oh my god... will this ever end? When will the color of your skin cease to matter?
When there is no more money to be made from it. Tell me that isn’t true.
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
I have already been forgiven.
Written By: Joe R.
I’m having trouble forgiving "liberals" for wanting to steal my money. I hope Obama heals me of that, although given his Marxist background he only seems likely to exacerbate it.
Written By: Bilwick
URL: http://

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