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Best Qualified?
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Or a crony?

And of course, he's another Clinton re-tread who was acting AG and approved including the Marc Rich pardon at that time.

As to the charges of cronyism:
A partner at the D.C. law firm of Covington & Burling, Holder served as co-chief (along with Caroline Kennedy) of Obama’s vice-presidential selection process. He also actively campaigned for Obama throughout the year and grew personally close to the president-elect.
There's certainly no question he's a Washington insider:
After serving in the public integrity section of the Justice Department’s Criminal Division and later a District of Columbia Superior Court judge, Holder was named by President Clinton as U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia. He became deputy attorney general in 1997 under Janet Reno and was viewed as a centrist on most law enforcement issues, though he has sharply criticized the secrecy and the expansive views of executive power advanced by the Bush Justice Department.
Don Surber has the appropriate chuckle watching the usual suspects:
The amusing sport of watching lefties say, this is not the Barack Obama I knew.

They are such drama queens.

And spoiled brats as well.

Obama gets practical, they go ballistic.
Firedoglake: “I think I am having an aneurysm. Why in the name of all that is sensible would Barack Obama want a Clinton re-tread as AG? Not just any Clinton re-tread, nope, the brain trust behind the Marc Rich pardon. Do you know how many brilliant, talented lawyers with great judgment he has advising his campaign?”
Jules Crittenden gets to the crux of the pick (and many of the picks so far):
Remember how Obama didn’t pick Hillary for veep, and everyone said he was afraid she’d undercut him, he’d have to deal with Bill, all that? This is going to be fun over the next four years, when the going gets ugly and Obama is in the middle of a pack of Clintonistas, trying to figure out who’s working for who.
And who is loyal to whom.

The claim of an "outsider" riding in to clean up the mess made by all the "insiders" is also getting very hard swallow at this point.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

You don’t want an AG who is going to go freelancing against the White House. So it makes sense to have someone at Justice who won’t become a sniper.

On the other hand, it’s unseemly to bring someone in with established above the law bona fides — i.e., the Marc Rich pardon, which was so clearly purchased from the Clintons and facilitated by Holder.

That is the essence of the cronyism here, that Holder was willing, and eager if I properly recall his affect at the time, to be the DOJ insider on that thing.

It says right up front, "We’re going to do things that will require the services of a man like Holder."

Well, thanks for the warning, Barack, but I already knew that.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Maybe the Democrats should have vetted Obama just a bit more, huh?

Written By: Bithead
Maybe the Democrats should have vetted Obama just a bit more, huh?
None of the three contenders for the nomination could have been cleared in a clean vetting process. But mysteriously, Edwards is the only one so far to be thrown to the wolves.

What I think we’re in for with Obama will be a hard-forced postmodern re-narration of everything he does. I heard one of the crews on MSNBC, I think it was, already rehabilitating Holder.

Earlier I heard this Lynn Sweet character (writes for a Chicago paper) saying that if Obama couldn’t handle getting a clean take on Bill Clinton — meaning overlooking Bill Clinton’s past — in order to bring Hillary on board at State, then how was he going to handle foreign policy.

Sweet’s suggestion was to get Bill to be transparent in his dealings going forward and to disconnect the past. In other words, Bill Clinton has no past.

It’s a good thing the media is on this Obama transition story, right?
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Not only is Holden a Clinton retread (which is not criminal), but he is a class-A dirtbag who helped to arrange a pardon for Marc Rich. The GOP needs to question this man, such as "What did you do to get Marc Rich that pardon?" and "Were you paid? We need to see your bank account records for that period."

The Republicans need to be in front of cameras every day calling Holder out as a sc*mbag. It is bad enough The Clown™ hired John Hinckley’s attorney as the WH legal counsel (what if the Republicans named Lee Harvey Oswald’s lawyer as the WH lawyer?), but now he is putting Ms. "I Got Shot at in Bosnia" at State and Eric "Sell Me a Pardon" Holden at Justice.

Three sc*mbags, three positions. Can this get any more pathetic?
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
"Were you paid? We need to see your bank account records for that period."
Holder’s a big leaguer, where the payoff is fungible. It comes in the form of return favors, business to his big DC law firm, influence in the Party, etc.

In that department he could teach Obama a lesson. Cf. the Rezko lot purchase.

But Holder was certainly sloppy to the extent that he allowed his name to get attached to the Rich pardon, which leaves him marked with signature dirtbaggery.

Perhaps Barack will baptize Holder in the River Jordan and make it all go away.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Well, let’s remember, too, that Hodler’s black, and we shouldn’t be critical of him lest someone call us ’racist’.
Written By: Bithead
There’s that too. Any criticism of a candidate for AG who is black that doesn’t mention his race is "coded" racism, and probably any criticism that implies unethical behavior, such as a role in the Marc Rich pardon, is also "code."

In fact, any mention of Holder himself throughout the term of the Obama administration is likewise "code," and eventually any critical reference to "the administration" will be considered "code."

But we’re in the honeymoon period right now, where criticism is allowed. That will change after the inauguration, of course, during the exercise of real power.
Written By: Martin McPhillips
Marc Rich evaded taxes. Holder was also involved in Clinton’s pardoning of two of Bill Ayers’ Weather Underground groupies in prison for bombing government facilities.
Written By: Arcs
URL: http://
Your previous cynicism about the Obama administration may be well founded.
"Just words" until I see it happen.
This AG does not warm the cockles of my heart.
As U.S. Attorney in Washington, D.C., Eric Holder sought to raise marijuana penalties and restore mandatory minimum penalties for drug crimes. From the Washington Times, December 5, 1996 (via
Eric Holder yesterday said he will seek to make marijuana distribution in the District a felony and reinstate mandatory-minimum sentences for convicted drug dealers. Mr. Holder,...said the D.C. Council’s vote a year ago to repeal mandatory minimums was "misguided," leading to a backlog in the court system. He also warned that the city is on the verge of an explosion in violence associated with the sale and use of marijuana.
And I haven’t touched the stuff in twenty years.

We’ll see if Obama’s claims from the trail can be backed up by his pick for AG.
But I’m not encouraged.

Written By: PogueMahone
URL: http://
And that brings us back to my comment about vetting.
Seems to me instead of being so blinking worried about Palin, vetting the top of the Democrat ticket was more needful.
Written By: Bithead
Well, I’m no supporter of the war on drugs, but there are quite a few other blairing red lights on Obama which worry me much more, Pogue.

Bithead, cutting down Palin was a key act defending the left and Obama. After Palin’s acceptance speech, McCain briefly moved ahead, so Palin was a clear and present threat. Vetting Obama was far less important than a Democratic victory. It’s all about priorities.
Written By: Don
URL: http://

Bithead, cutting down Palin was a key act defending the left and Obama. After Palin’s acceptance speech, McCain briefly moved ahead, so Palin was a clear and present threat.
So I take it with this that you are not a student of MichaelW’s "interesting" school of thought that convention bounces are artificial?

Good for you.

Any clear thinking individual would have dismissed that absurdity from the start.

Written By: PogueMahone
URL: http://

I was predicting a very close election. Obviously I was wrong, but I favored the closer polls that historically were closer in previous elections. I found the wide poll spread to be a bit "interesting", since things could be read a number of ways . . .

MichaelW presented a number of interesting points, some of which I agreed with. But I’m inclined to believe that a convention bounce is likely at least partially real, since there are quite a few uninformed/easily swayed potential voters our there.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
I suspect the convention bounces are due to two things:

1. More headlines and news stories about one candidate than the other influence certain voters. Probably those "low information" voters we saw in that Obama video. (GOP has them too, though.)

2. The stories, headlines, and clips on TV from the conventions will be more positive since its a staged event with lots of supporters, etc.

I think this also could explain the public’s cycle of distaste. The partisans won’t change much, the well-informed understand that pols do some dumb things (though they can be fooled for periods of time with dreams of hope, change, and unity or compassionate conservatism) but some people just are giving a thumb up or down to the whole government based on their feelings, latest vibe from the TV news when they are switching over to what they really want to watch, or what their friends say when they’re out clubbing.

I suspect these folks are the most susceptible to peer pressure, celebrity suggestion, and media bias, too. "Yeah, I get the feeling Palin’s stupid. Don’t know why though. Tina Fey wouldn’t make fun of someone smart." On the right, you get people who somehow pick up that Obama is a Muslim based on some Kenyan robes he put on for fun, and that settles in their brain as their impression.

Note these are not the hardcore partisans who may lap up this stuff and push it. Those people (me included sometimes) are more like sports fans. They only start to criticize and look inwards when their team is losing. Then its brutal.

Written By: Harun
URL: http://
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Written By: 4

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