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A Couple of Notes on Climate Change
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, November 22, 2008

New satellite data:
A new satellite predicts at least 23 years of global cooling

Several Canadian environmental scientists agree that the new Jason satellite indicates at least a 23-year cycle of global cooling ahead.

This oceanographic satellite shows a much larger than normal persistent Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO). Cooler PDO phases usually last 21 to 25 years, so we should be quite chilly as a planet until at least 2030, maybe longer.
A point about natural cycles:
These alternating natural climatic cycles defy the so-called "climate consensus" that human-emitted carbon dioxide was responsible totally for the recent cycle of global warming that began in the late 1970s and peaked in 1998.

The Earth's previous warming phase from 1915 through 1939, which peaked in 1936 during the infamous Dust Bowl Days, was almost as warm as the recent cycle of global warming.


The last cooler cycle of global temperatures occurred from late 1939 to early 1976, peaking (or bottoming) in 1973. The harsh winters during World War II helped the U.S. and its allies defeat the Germans and later assisted our G.I.s in the Korean War due to extremely heavy snows and subzero temperatures north of the 38th Parallel.

In the past 10 years, especially the past couple of years, the Earth's climate has begun to cool, even though CO2 emissions have soared on a worldwide scale.
Should we indeed cool down as it seems the case, the case of cyclic climate change driven by natural causes should hold sway over any "consensus science" aimed at claiming a warming cycle has been begun by man and is unstoppable.

Another scientist speaking out against the "scientific consensus" is professor Tim Patterson:
A professor from Carleton University may get the cold shoulder from environmentalists when he speaks in London tomorrow.

Tim Patterson, a paleoclimatologist from the department of Earth sciences, will give an opposing view to Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth. Patterson is speaking at a Canadian Club of London luncheon.

He believes we should expect global cooling rather than global warming in the coming years.

"We're off on the wrong foot," he says. "There's been no global warming in the 21st century."

Climate change is not caused by humans, but by natural forces, Patterson says.

His research indicates cosmic rays from the sun affect temperature by impacting cloud formation.

When there are fewer cosmic rays, there are fewer clouds. Fewer clouds lead to warmer temperatures.
Cloud albedo has much to do with the regulation of temperature on the earth and is something which is poorly modeled or not modeled at all within the climate models used to drive the AGW theory. It is one of the reasons that AGW is now coming under increased scientific scrutiny and all but destroyed the former 'consensus'.

Bottom line - the only constant is climate change and it is beginning to appear that it is both natural and cyclic and pretty much driven by the sun. What a surprise.

[HT: McQ2]
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Previous Comments to this Post 

University classes on the environment now include ’cloud albedo’ modelling, but the dispute continues because the carbon dioxide levels are so high. However, the dispute is still taught using data that is presented in reverse chronological order, that is, whenever the data is ’short-term’ (one thousand years) or long-term ago (millions of years), the data from -400,000 years ago is given as data over the next +400,000 years. The consequence of this distortion (deliberate?) in the graphing of the data is that the "crisis" to the environment is interpreted to be from global warming (long periods of warming followed by short sharp spikes of cooling), instead of from factual global cooling (long periods of cooling followed by sharp spikes of warming). See Maslin, 2004.

Lying with statistics still dominates the debate; the Left is determined to make the facts fit their world-view, even if it means graphing the data backwards in order to explain the ’truth’ of global warming. One more caveat: the term, "hottest on record," which the NY Times bandies around a lot. The thermometer is only since 1850, record-keeping begn a decade later. Any other ’record’ is from tree rings or ice cores, and their ’record’ is clear: today’s global tempertaures are NOT the ’hottest on record.’ In fact, long before humanity walked upright or drove an SUV, temperatures were frequently much hotter than today in one hundred thousand year cycles (the confluence of the earth’s orbit, the earth’s wobble on its axis, the earth’s orbit relative to Jupiter’s orbit around the sun, and the sun’s activity).

Written By: a Duoist
The whole thing never made a lick of sense as Carbon Dioxide is a gas with very low percentages in the atmosphere, (even with the increase from human activity) and is a poor greenhouse gas to begin with. It’s greenhouse effect is insignificant compared to that of water vapor, or methane.

Furthermore, ice core samples all indicate that co2 increases AFTER periods of warming, not before warm cycles.

It was never anything but a hoax. I wish we could somehow sue all these fear mongers and hurt them in their pocketbooks for all this crap they subjected us to.
Written By: kyleN
Then what will Al Gore blame the death of the Mayans on? Will they take away his Nobel? What fad theme will the major three networks shove down viewers’ throats?

Oh, liberal humanitarians and your need to create crises in order to find some sense of meaning and significance. The leftist illuminati cannot provide it for you.
Written By: Palinpal
URL: http://
What fad theme will the major three networks shove down viewers’ throats?
We’re going to run out of fresh water and die thirsty.
Written By: Bill
URL: http://
"We’re going to run out of fresh water and die thirsty."

Not as long as we have beer. Water is overrated, anyway.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
I miss the warmth already.
Written By: Greg Toombs
URL: http://
If you haven’t read John Ringo’s Last Centurion, you might want to. Now.
Written By: SDN
URL: http://
Not as long as we have beer. Water is overrated, anyway.

Worked in the middle ages... Back then, water could kill you. Beer was a bit safer (due to having been boiled, and the inclusion of alcohol which retards the growth of nasty microorganisms).
Written By: Brad Warbiany
So much for global warming being told to us by a bunch of dirty lying no good lowlife sidewinding owlhoots in the liberal left-wing news media and especialy that scumball AL GORE
Written By: Flu-Bird
URL: http://
I lived in North Idaho for eight years. Cliff Harris, author of the CDApress article, is consider an absolute weather guru by many of the old timers in the area. If he says it’s going to rain tomorrow bring an umbrella.
Written By: ThomasD
URL: http://
For me this is turning into a vindication of the scientific method, not just as a means of obtaining knowledge but as a potent institution capable of withstanding bonfires of political chicanery. I understand that we’re not out of the woods yet, but we’re moving in the right direction.
Written By: peter jackson
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