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A couple of great interviews
Posted by: McQ on Monday, November 24, 2008

I had the opportunity - through Kevin Whalen and Pundit Review Radio - to talk with Michael Yon in Afghanistan last night. Michael gives you the good, the bad and the ugly about what's going on there. He also gives a very upbeat assessment of Iraq.

Kevin also interviewed Chris Horner, author of "Red Hot Lies: How Global Warming Alarmists Use Threats, Fraud, and Deception to Keep You Misinformed." Good stuff.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Here you are again, McQ, cherry picking with news on Iraq with that Yon fellow. So what if he’s been in Iraq umptyump times. He hasn’t been on CNN, and that’s what counts as credibility. I decree it.

Iraq is the worst foreign policy diaster in American history. The worst, I tell you! I decree it. Vietnam is nothing compared to it. Yes, yes, I know, 50,000 died in Vietnam vs 3,000 in Iraq, but still. Iraq just *feels* worse, you know? Plus I missed the whole Vietnam era, and I’m still peeved about that since the free love era was the only way a dweeb like me could get in on any of the sex. And Iraq was even worse than Vietnam because the leftist Iraq protestors were not into the sex thing at all. Plus the female ones were... well, I can’t say what they were because my feminist sisters-in-arms would be offended, but I think you get the idea.

And the violence in Iraq is going to increase later this year. I’ve predicted it before, and I’m standing by that. After all, I have a perfect record of never admitting I’m wrong about anything, and I just can’t bear to spoil it.

And, of course, the Bush adminstration was like the Nazis in their treatment of Iraq, and the wise Kennedy and the beneficent Johnson could never be compared to Nazis. Only viscious Republicans can be so compared. That’s just the terms of the debate in the post-modern world, so suck on it righties. No matter how hard Yon and the others try to insert a different viewpoint, we in the universities will make sure your children and grandchildren are told the truth. That is, of course, the truth as the postmodern left has decreed it.

We won’t tolerate any alternative views in the history books, oh no. I mean, I know we talk about tolerance as one of our basic principles, but it only extends so far, and certainly not to you lying, militaristic, empire-building, child-killing righties.

I know I’m right about this because I’ve been right about everything else I’ve talked about here. I proved beyond a doubt that all fifty of the Swift Boat guys were liars, for example, by quoting Wikipedia. And I predicted the meltdown of the financial system too. What do you think I meant when I kept crowing all that "America in decline" stuff? Can’t you thick righties read between the lines and see that definitely implies that the sub-prime situation would cause a financial meltdown. I mean, I know I never actually used the phrase sub-prime, and I know some of your front-page posters did talk about that specifically, but see, it’s all a nuance thing, and I deserve complete credit as a Cassandra for predicting the whole thing. I decree it.

And, of course, the inevitable course of action to solve all of this is to become more like the wise Europeans. Stop laughing! I’m serious! The Europeans hae it all figured out. They know how to create a just and upstanding society without all those dirty soldiers being necessary. Oh, they have a few for ceremonial purposes, but thank goodness they’ve evolved beyond this militaristic phase of human development and entered a world in which all men are brothers and there will never be another war.

And don’t start up with the Russia invading Georgia thing, just don’t start! That was completely different, and didn’t really involve Europe at all, and if the US would just stay out of the way, I’m sure a sternly worded communique from Germany would have staying Russia in its tracks. I’m an expert on German foreign policy, you know. And those people are just amazing in their ability to write stern communiques.

Anyway, come on over to my blog for more on all of this. I’m not saying that to pimp my blog here, oh no, so stop saying that! I just want those who read QandO that have not yet succumbed to this rightist nonsense to read my incredibly massive word-count posts on all these subjects, and engage me in reasoned discourse. I promise, I’ll read you comments over there, and pull my chin for a while, and then post a polite response that confirms everything you say that agrees with we wise leftists and dismisses everything you say that doesn’t with a wise-but-knowing "I’m no sure about that" response.
Written By: Ott Scerb
URL: http://WishIHadTheBrainsToPutMyBlogURLHere.fool/jackass/totaldweeb
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Written By: 4

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