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Parents To Toymakers: Cut The Ads
Posted by: McQ on Monday, December 01, 2008

McQ to parents: turn off the TV.

Oh, and learn to say "no". It's really not that hard.
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Kill your TV. Didn’t I read that on a bumper sticker?
Written By: Twba
URL: http://
So if little Timmy wanted a real pony...I guess they’d just get him one because they can’t say no.

More turmoil, no doubt caused by Rove and Bush.

What a whiny generation.
What a whiny country we’ve become.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
I like the quote near the end of the article

"Delivering disappointment goes with the job of parenting." - I do it every night at ’bedtime’...
Written By: BIllS
They should be turning off the TV in any case. There’s nothing good on for kids any more. Saturday morning cartoons used to have some quality, now they are just infomercials for licensed toys.

Buy your kid a set of blocks (or anything made of wood that doesn’t require batteries) and turn the frickin’ TV off. If they ask for licensed merchandise, ask them why they should pay for the privilege of being a billboard for Diego or Hannah Montana or whatever the flavor of the week is. That gets ’em thinking.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
We do not watch television in our household, adults included. We read, play, talk, whatever. If the children are really good, they may watch a DVD from time to time. They seem to be thriving just fine.
Written By: TheOldMan
URL: http://
"Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood"
I’m happy to live in a country where such a group can exist but disappointed that anyone thinks it needs to.

Right from the CCFC website:
CCFC advocates for the adoption of government policies that limit corporate marketers’ access to children.
Of course you do.
Written By: Grimshaw
URL: http://
I dunno about nothing good on TV for kids.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse is okay, but I don’t like how they can call on the Toodles machine to solve every problem. I guess its preparing children for the future when you will call up the Planetary AI to help you solve anything.

Word World is good.

Little Einstein and Dora are okay. Diego sucks though.

Of course, the best show for kids are the ones Dad likes too - Shaun the Sheep rocks and Pingu is great too! Don’t know if that’s in the US though.

Of course moderation is the key - my kids gets about 2-3 hours per week.

You can buy the DVD’s if you want to avoid ads. But the kids will latch onto something to obsess about anyways. You don’t need TV for that.

I remember the coolest cartoon was Thundar the Barbarian...didn’t learn anything, but it was cool.

nostalgia over. back to work.

Written By: harun
URL: http://
Well, my five year old likes Spongebob, and every time a commercial comes on he says "Can I buy that?" I always say "sure, we can buy that." We never do. He always forgets. After all, we *can* buy that, but that doesn’t mean we *will* buy it! I guess I’m not as protective as some of you, he can watch TV, and the ads. But we focus mostly on DVDS when it’s TV time. The *Land Before Time* series is absolutley awesome. The movie *Cars* is great too. I’m looking forward to Wall-E (a Christmas gift). I have to admit, I actually do like Spongebob.
Written By: Scott Erb
After all, we *can* buy that, but that doesn’t mean we *will* buy it!
This explains Scott’s support of Obama. "Yes we can" doesn’t mean "yes we will".

I have explained to my daughter since she was old enough to watch TV that commercials are ’propaganda’ and as such are bad. The mute button will be pushed each time one comes on, or the TV goes off. By explaining to your child that the commercial is trying to ’make them’ want something, I use it as a sounding board for future issues we’ll run into such as drugs and sex. Because I don’t think hoping that ’because she CAN have sex’ means she ’won’t have sex’ is really good for either of us. Good luck with that Scott.
Written By: meagain
URL: http://
Oh, there’s plenty of good stuff on TV. There’s just nothing good on Saturday mornings. And I have to disagree about Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. The operative words there are "Mickey Mouse". I don’t care how great the message is, if it also comes from the world’s largest cartoon merchandising company.

My kids watch PBS Kids. We don’t have cable, just an antenna. They also watch old cartoons and sitcoms (Pink Panther, I Dream of Jeannie) on Hulu and Netflix.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
"sure, we can buy that." We never do."

Jeez, he even lies to his kids.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://

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