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Are you "offended?"
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, December 06, 2008

I must be missing something here. Burger King has a new advertising campaign called "Whopper Virgins". It goes like this:
In teaser adverts promoting its "Whopper Virgins" challenge, the fast food chain describes how it sought out farmers in rural Romania, Thai villagers and residents of Greenland's icy tundra to compare its signature burger with arch rival McDonalds'.

"What happens if you take Transylvanian farmers who have never eaten a burger and ask them to compare Whopper versus Big Mac in the world's purest taste test?" one of the adverts asks. "Will they prefer the Whopper? These are the Whopper Virgins."

The "undeniable" results of the chain's "unbiased" global research ā€“ which involved "13 planes, two dog sleds and one helicopter" ā€“ will be unveiled in a documentary next week, according to, the website promoting the campaign.

"If you want a real opinion about a burger, ask someone who doesn't even have a word for burger," states the site to a haunting theme of drums and pan pipes. "Watch the whopper virgins take their first bite."
Of course you know the outcome or they wouldn't be in a Burger King commercial, but it's a fairly original, clever and entertaining campaign.

But oh my goodness, for some, it is as if George W. Bush and the US were in charge of the campaign. Call it "Burger Derangement Syndrome":
"It's outrageous," Sharon Akabas of the Institute of Human Nutrition at Columbia University, told the New York Daily News. "What's next? Are we going to start taking guns out to some of these remote places and ask them which one they like better?"

Marilyn Borchardt, development director for Food First, called the campaign insensitive.

"The ad's not even acknowledging that there's even hunger in any of these places," she told the Daily News.

The campaign has also stirred up a welter of online commentary. Brian Morrissey, writing on, likens the campaign to colonialism and declares it "embarrassing and emblematic of how ignorant Americans still seem to the rest of the world."

"It doesn't get much more offensive than this," noted The Inquisitor blog. "If visiting poor people in remote locations, some who would be at best surviving on below poverty levels and throwing a burger in their faces isn't bad enough, it gets better, because they also ask the Whopper Virgins to compare the taste of the Whopper to a McDonalds Big Mac as well.

"It's hard to place exactly where this begins on the level of wrongness."
Cripes - it's a burger commercial. Giving a "poor hungry person" food is wrong on what level? And frankly, my guess is they aren't so much poor or hungry as isolated - which is the point.

Am I insensitive and does this demonstrate how "ignorant Americans still seem to the rest of the world". Or is this the just usual politically correct over-reaction to an industry that the left doesn't favor?

You see, I tend to believe it is the latter.

[HT: Van Helsing]
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Previous Comments to this Post 

It is about ignorant Americans. It’s a commercial for crying out loud. These people need to get a life.
Written By: Rick
URL: http://
Insensitive guy thinks he’s not insensitive but is cool for being un-PeeCee. News at 11?
Written By: TomD
URL: http://
When the Social Democrats took power from 1990 to 1995 in Ontario, this kind of thing became commonplace.

Prediction: Look for more of the the same over the next four years for our friends to the south.
Written By: JasperPants
URL: http://
Obviously this country is in such good shape that these very important people can find nothing more important to whine about than this frippery. Pretty funny.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
You know why I’m offended by it?


It is also an updated ripoff of "Herb, the man who never tried a Whopper"*

How’d that work out for them?

* - I’m ashamed fo myself for having that reference so readily at hand

Written By: shark
URL: http://
How old are these burgers by the time they get them to the inhabitants of these remote places?
Written By: Anonymous
URL: http://
Now let them try a burrito.

Burgers are good. They have their place.

But Mexican food will someday rule the planet.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
"It’s outrageous," Sharon Akabas [....]. "What’s next? Are we going to start taking guns out to some of these remote places and ask them which one they like better?"

Burger- and Gun-Derangement Syndrome all in one Urban Intellectual Mind (tm). Yeah, farmers and urban people never use guns, let alone compare them. Golly no. They don’t have anything pointy in their sheds either.
Written By: Frank Ch. Eigler

But Mexican food will someday rule the planet.

Taco Bell will win the Franchise Wars!

And these aren’t nearly as irritating as the ’Saved by Zero’ Toyota ads!
Written By: Intrope
URL: http://
Ignorant Americans. Yeah, the most powerful, successful country is filled with morons. Obvious.

And they are right. Giving a hungry person American fast food is an atrocity of major proportions.
Written By: Don
URL: http://
"- Iā€™m ashamed fo myself for having that reference so readily at hand"

You should be. Obvious proof that television has detrimental effects on intellectual function.

" How old are these burgers by the time they get them to the inhabitants of these remote places?"

It really doesn’t matter. Those burgers are ageless, which is why they hold up so well sitting under those heatlamps for hours.

"But Mexican food will someday rule the planet."

And rightfully so.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
I suspect the film crews were a great boost to the local economies, but that probably doesn’t count...
Written By: LBJay
URL: http://
I’ve seen the trailer, and I was offended by it. Not however for the same reason as Ms. Akabas. I was offended because it uses the same narration style as NFL Films. You know, the narrator who speaks in a way that makes every little play sound as if The Fate Of The Free World Rests On The Success Or Failure Of...whatever is happening on screen.

The most offensive ad I’ve ever seen was for Drexel Burnham (remember them?) because it used Beethoven’s Choral Fantasy as musical background. Pure sacrilege....
Written By: kishnevi
"Herb, the man who never tried a Whopper"...

... Blasted by the past again!
Written By: BWIII
URL: http://
Journalists are falling over themselves trying to prove how worldly and caring they are by bashing these commercials and calling them offensive.

Give me a break. These folks only pay lip-service to fighting world hunger while sitting at a Starbucks drinking coffee and playing with their Apple MacBooks.
Written By: dfdf
URL: http://
So now America needs to isolate itself from the poor starving masses.

Hmmm. How about we build a fence on the southern border. That will insure that the poor third world have no access to the evil American food.
Written By: John
URL: http://
Are you ignorant or just stupid if you’re worried about a commercial like this and what it ’means’ and are you ignorant or just stupid if you think that it has a symbolic meaning for an entire nation.

What it means is someone is trying to sell burgers to Americans.
Written By: looker
URL: http://

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