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Goodbye Auto Industry
Posted by: Dale Franks on Monday, December 08, 2008

Democrats are talking about a "Car Czar" to oversee the operations of the US Auto Industry. You'd might think it'd be hard to come up with a worse idea than that. You'd be wrong.
Detroit Democrat John Conyers — who chairs the U.S. House Judiciary Committee — proposed on Tuesday the creation of a so-called auto czar to sit on President-elect Barack Obama's cabinet.

"If the Congress and auto industry strike a grand bargain aimed at improving the industry's efficiency and innovative capacity, America's public and private sectors will have to work together on a variety of fronts," Conyers said in calling for an auto czar.

His pick for the job? UAW President Ron Gettelfinger, who Conyers praised as having "an uncanny understanding of the technical operation of the auto industry, as well as the leadership skills needed to bring competing interests together."
Because the UAW has been so, you know, diligent, in making the US Auto industry so healthy.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

If Thain gets his bonus, he should named co-AutoCzar along with Gettlefinger. Those clowns will insure failure and "the change we need’.
Written By: jim Rhoads a/k/a Vnjagvet
Goodbye auto industry is right. The thought of these clowns in Washington having the power to, in effect, run the U.S. auto industry industry is mind-boggling. How has it come to this? The insurance industry, the banking industry, now the auto industry, for all intents and purposes, nationalized! Not outright nationalization, but, maybe, nationalization-lite.
Written By: jjmurphy
The auto industries ought to consider their prospects, say "No thanks", and just file for bankruptcy, not because I think that’s right as a libertarian, but because that is their only hope of existing in any form five years from now. This government money is going to come with the condition that the industry agrees to commit suicide, in effect. Floating the UAW president as the "auto czar" ought to tell them everything they need to know about how this is going to go down.

(How can they be this stupid? Not the government, the car companies!)

I find myself hoping that when politicians diagnose the problem with the auto industry as "not developing green enough cars" that they realize they are politically grandstanding. If they honestly think that’s the problem... oi!

The good news is that there probably will be an auto industry, one way or another, and whatever it is, it will not be government controlled. It’s just that the transition can either be smooth and take advantage of existing resources (bankruptcy), or it can start from scratch (the current and future startups get going).
Written By: Jeremy Bowers
This is horrifying.

All it takes is a few bad months and the people turn into America-gutting morons.

What a wuss nation. No stomach for any adversity at all.

What’s coming down the pike is sh*t that cannot be undone.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
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Written By: gnormhn
The failure of the Auto industry equals the falure of the Unions. Without the Unions the Democratic party will lose a huge fundraiser and voting block. Therefore they must save the unions.
Written By: the Brain
URL: http://
Soon we will have an American Volga, with all the style and panash that the Russian state run car industry brought us.... oh wait...
Written By: GeekHeretic

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