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Quote of the day
Posted by: McQ on Tuesday, December 09, 2008

It comes from Dee Dee Myers, former press secretary for President Bill Clinton.

In a Vanity Fair article decrying the actions of the President-elect's speech writer's groping of a Hillary Clinton cardboard cut out in a now infamous picture (see link for pic), she asks:
At what point does sexist behavior get taken seriously? At what point do people get punished in ways that suggest this kind of behavior, this kind of thinking, is unacceptable? At what point do we insist there will be consequences?
Well, certainly not since the Clinton Administration, Ms. Myers.

[I'm now headed to the hospital to have the lung I coughed up laughing about this replaced. Oh, and of course, another irony meter blown to hell.]
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Previous Comments to this Post 

No doubt, one of the funniest and most ironic moments of the year. Good catch, McQ.
Written By: RFN
URL: http://
Evidenlty Dee-Dee Meyers does not remember Nina Burleigh, the woman who singled handedly killed gender femisism.

Written By: DavidL
Ai-yi-yi! Is that bimbo serious??? Tell ya what, sweetie: why don’t you wiggle your moneymaker over and get me a cup of coffee like a good girl while you’re on your way back to whatever land of makebelieve you live in.

/ sarc

In all seriousness, exactly what "consequences" or "punishment" does Sweetcakes want to see handed to all those nasty ol’ men who harass hewpwess widdle girls wike her? I’d also like to know what punishment might be meted out to WOMEN who ENABLE this sort of behavior.
Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
I *still* don’t think he was groping her.

His hand is in the wrong place. As frat-boy antics go... doesn’t a frat-boy know exactly where a woman’s breast actually is? I think so!

I think he was just holding up a cardboard standee.
Written By: Synova
She is aware that they were pretending to grope a cardboard cutout, right? What would be an appropriate punishment for such an act? Pretending to censure them?

Hillary’s got pretty thick skin. I can’t imagine she was offended, even privately. And you know, the "feminist" left has lost all their credibility and any shred of a claim to a moral high ground after they eagerly abetted the smearing of Sarah Palin.
Written By: Robby
URL: http://

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