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Talk About a House Divided
Posted by: McQ on Sunday, December 14, 2008

Somehow, last night in my wanderings, I ended up on The site is a genealogist's dream. And, naturally, I took a look at "McQuain" to see what it had for the family name. I've traced it back in the past, but was interested in seeing, for instance, whether my parents were listed (they were) and the info on them was correct (it wasn't - I corrected it).

But during my look at the 18 "pages" of McQuains, I came across 7 who were Civil War vets. I knew my family had come out of Virginia, with the grand patriarch -Alexander McQuain- having been in the Virginia Militia during the Revolutionary War. And I knew there had been a migration of some of the family into the area that later became West Virgina. But I never knew which side any of them had fought for (if they had fought) in the war.

Of the 7 I found on the rolls 4 fought for the Confederacy and 3 for the Union (West Virginia). Hugh McQuain was with the VA 25th Inf Rgt, James with the VA 18th Cavalry, Thomas with the VA 19th Cavalry and Archibald with the VA 20th Cavalry. On the Union side, there was Thomas with the WV 10th Infantry Rgt, Joseph with the 12th Inf Rgt and William with the WV's I Company, 3rd Cavalry Rgt. All three of the WV regiments were volunteer regiments.

So now, I'm fascinated. There may be more than 7, obviously my cursory trip through one site isn't a complete look. And then I have to figure out which branch of the family each came from (Alexander McQuain had 5 or 6 sons, so I have to figure out which belongs to which).

But suffice it to say, among the McQuains, if it wasn't brother against brother, it certainly seems likely that it could have at least been cousin against cousin way back then
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That’s really cool! I like genealogy.

One of the things I found out that amazed me was that some of my ancestors owned some of my other ancestors. My some-number-of-greats grandfather Ignacio was the son of a landowner Jose and the landowner’s mother Victoria’s slave Maria. Later, after Victoria died and her son inherited her property, Jose freed Ignacio and his mother. I found no record that Jose and Maria had ever been married, but I’m pretty sure Jose had feelings for her, because he never married and he also legally acknowledged Ignacio’s paternity— something rarely done— and made Ignacio his sole heir.
Written By: Wacky Hermit
I love it too, WH.

My favorite story is about Alexander McQuain, who is the family’s patriarch. He came over in the mid 1700s as an indentured servant, served out his indenture and married the daughter of the guy he was previously indentured too (gives marrying the bosses daughter a completely new twist). Both he and his former master joined the VA militia and fought in the Revolution.
Written By: McQ
Footnote is a nice site, but what bugs me is that those papers are from the National Archives, which belongs not to one person or one company but to the American people, and they charge for access to them.

That’s our stuff. No one should charge to see our stuff.

Next, they will charge me to use my computer to call Obama a clown.

BTW, I like genealogy, too. I discovered that my ancestors were Jews who either ran for their lives from Eastern Europe to avoid getting murdered, or stuck around and did get murdered.
Written By: James Marsden
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Written By: snilekfh

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