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The Left Just Can’t Accept Success In Iraq
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, December 17, 2008

I've thought about the "shoe thrower" for a couple of days and come to the conclusion that he's pretty representative of a type of person we see more of today through out society at large. The emotionally and politically immature.

They're characterized by no self-discipline, no respect for anything other than their own feelings and acting them out. What our shoe thrower did was throw a well publicized tantrum, not much different than a 2 year old tossing his oatmeal bowl at a mom who, tyrant that she is, makes him eat that horrible stuff for his own good.

You'd wish Matt Yglesias might be above such emotional and political immaturity, but given the guy has never really done anything in his life except write about what others have done and offered his opinion, maybe not. As such, and careful to preserve his troop lovin' bona fides, Yglesias praises the troops before throwing this metaphorical shoe:
The harsh reality is that this was not a noble undertaking done for good reasons. It was a criminal enterprise launched by madmen cheered on by a chorus of fools and cowards. And it’s seen as such by virtually everyone all around the world — including but by no means limited to the Arab world.
Now, of course, this blog has taken all the reasons for the Iraqi war apart and inspected them from head to toe (I don't have time to link to all of them but the archives are there to prove the point). So have other more august bodies. None of them have found anything to suggest, hint or imply that it was a "criminal enterprise" launched by a "madman". In fact the Iraq war was a duly approved use of force by the Congress of the United States and executed by the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. Calling it a "criminal enterprise" and Bush a "madman" is simply a form of rhetorical tantrum thrown by a emotionally and politically immature writer who chooses to ignore that.

Same with his all encompassing charge that it was "cheered by a chorus of fools and cowards". This is an example of how the politically and emotionally immature find it necessary to characterize those who disagree with them. Those the disagree with couldn't possibly have sound or respectable reasons for supporting the war. Characterizing them as Yglesias does allows them to be marginalized, just as he marginalized Bush above ("madman"). With marginalization comes dehumanization and dismissal. When supporters are all "madmen", "fools" and "cowards", anything they might substantively offer in support or rebuttal can be safely ignored. And so can the actual facts concerning the war and its apparent outcome.

Of course, the "madman" - as well as the "fools and cowards" - get the final laugh on the Yglesias types. And that rankles as well. Iraq appears on the road to success and a couple of the madman's "fools and cowards" are being named to or retained in very high office to ensure that remains the case. Just like the shoe thrower in Iraq, Yglesias is left bitter by the fact he can't have an "I told you so" moment. So he, much like the shoe thrower, is reduced to lashing out at those who have by calling them names.

For we "fools and cowards" it is a sublimely enjoyable moment. When one of your ideological foes is reduced to such childish rants as Yglesias or acts, such as those of the shoe thrower, you can finally appreciate how impotent their rage really is.
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Please change the title of this post to "The Left Just Can’t Accept Success in Iraq.....Unless They Can Somehow Steal It"
Written By: shark
URL: http://
It was a criminal enterprise launched by madmen
One of those madmen is now the VP-Elect, and another is now the next Secy of State-designate.

Written By: shark
URL: http://
I don’t know that the left will accept success in Iraq even if Obama manages to take credit.

I think they will compartmentalize success in Iraq and their vilification of the war without noticing any conflict, and move on to their next raging complaint.

They will still be certain, like Prof. Erb and our new troll TomD, that the war was an evil failure conducted by madmen, fools and cowards, and nothing good came of it.
Written By: huxley
URL: http://
You rightwing idiots though the US "won" in Vietnam at one point, but those who believe in social justice and peace (including those of us in Congress) saw to that. By destroying the S. Vietnam regime and then blaming the US, we created the Vietnam Narrative, which lives on today.

We on the Left know there is still time to destroy the current Iraqi regime. Once Iraq falls, and destroys itself in civil war...all we need to do is keep up the meme that "USA Caused and Lost the Iraq War" for 20 years or so, drum it into every school-child’s head...and it will become reality.

That’s how it works. Those who can create "history" control history.
Written By: Leftist Professor + Teach In
URL: http://
I can’t wait until the troops come home in 2011, and The Clown™ is standing there, welcoming them home (he will have to, to make for nice tv images), and claiming credit both for winning the war and ending it.

And the Left will do the same thing.

And the media will say, "Isn’t it great that finally, after years of incompetence, we finally got a President who wanted to actually win in Iraq? Isn’t that something?"

And then watch as I throw up.
Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
First of all, the vast majority of those tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians (as well as all of the American soldiers KIA) were actually killed by Islamic terrorists - you know, the ones who plant truck bombs in crowded marketplaces. I suppose they are not morally responsible for their actions since they are Arabs and other dark skinned races, who according to Yglesias, have insect brains and can only react to stimuli while lacking the intellectual capacity to hedge their passions with reason. Its like a dog peeing on your carpet. Its your fault; you must have done something wrong because it is just a dog.

Second, of the Iraqis who have been killed by American bullets and bombs fired by our troops, someone is pulling the triggers and launching the missiles, and it ain’t president Bush. Are American troops volunteer hatchet men for the Bush-Cheney regime? Most Iraq war veterans are re-enlisters or signed up after the Iraq war started. Should we hold them responsible for their actions, since this war is supposedly a crime against humanity, and our troops were following orders like the Nazi guards at Auschwitz (remember Nuremburg)?

No, I guess not, because again according to Yglesias, our soldiers are just children who were “sent to war” by their redneck and ghetto parents who are too economically dispossessed to find other more socially meaningful jobs for their kids. Soldiers aren’t brave men and women who stand up to fight for their country, they are infantile victims of predation by our fascist military recruiters (who themselves are mostly veterans, as well). Lets hold them in our prayers as we “support the troops.”
Written By: James D
URL: http://
Thanks for once again highlighting why I stopped reading Yglesias. He was one my "Sane Intelligent Liberals Worth Reading" list for a while, but I think he succumbed to BDS a few years ago.
Written By: Jeff the Baptist
I was left to consider what would happen to me if a threw my shoes at .. Obama.

I just couldn’t imagine the MSM coming to my defense calling it a 1st Admendment right or such.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
(remember Nuremburg)?

Those were military commission trials .. and therefore totally illegal.
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
Hey! Yglesias is Magna Cum Laude from Harvard, just like Obama.

Well, that’s different.

We’re not worthy!
We’re not worthy!
Written By: huxley
URL: http://
It is really sad, since one of those fools was Yglesias himself.
Written By: Lance
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