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Why are auto companies in trouble?
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, December 20, 2008

Well, it isn't just CEOs and bad management.

[HT: McQ2]
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Well, it isn’t just CEO’s and bad management.
Do you think these people are WELL MANAGED?

Written By: Captin Sarcastic
URL: http://
Did he not write "isn’t just bad management"? Clearly they aren’t managed at all.

But they are also grown men who I assume have families and other obligations. You’d think they’d have more individual accountability and responsibility to do the right thing — if not for morality’s sake, then for their own job security. Especially at a time like this when employers, and even more especially automakers, are axing people left and right.

This is definitely a great argument for a bailout. As is shoddy workmanship, inferior engineering, out-of-touch marketing, abysmal management, and gangsters for union reps. This industry deserves what it gets for its abysmal failure at every level of employment.

Make them file for bankruptcy and renegotiate their union contracts. That is the only hope that they have for a long-term solution, and even with that the outlook is not very bright. If they fail, they fail. Let the free market take its course; it will be a self-correcting, be it painful, problem. If that happens, some entrepreneur or another automaker will buy the tooling, etc. to supply spares, etc.
Written By: J
URL: http://
I’ve heard, the only way to get fired when you work for the UAW, is to hit someone, steal something or get caught having sex on the job. Apparently, auto workers work for the UAW and not the auto companies.
Written By: Brown
URL: http://
I read that as a garbage truck driver in Hawaii you can only be fired if you’re drunk on the job three times in one year...
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
It is rather amusing that Ford is the one company that said it didn’t need a bailout. Perhaps the employees at Chrysler and GM shoud take up drinking during working hours.

"But they are also grown men who I assume have families and other obligations"

It is not, however, their obligation to make sure employees are doing what they are paid to do; that is a management function. If the employees are responsible for policing the employees, perhaps they could get rid of a few management positions.

With all these employees missing from the factory, doesn’t someone in management notice? Perhaps they are all at another bar doing the same thing. I have served a few executives during their four martini/manhattan lunch and listened to their whining. All on the company credit card, of course.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
What is surprising here is that the normally pro-UAW Channel 4 in Detroit would actually air this investigative report.

This kind of behavior may shock those of you who are not in the Stoopid Business™. For myself, I’ve seen it first-hand.

I do not intend to paint with a broad brush. The vast majority of UAW members I’ve had dealings with over the past 18 years have been conscientious about doing their jobs; sure, they don’t miss any of their contractually-defined breaks, and I’ve witnessed more that a few episodes of a mill-wright and a machine repair guy arguing over who’s responsible for fixing something. By and large, they punch the clock and do their jobs.

That said, I’ve seen this kind of abuse through-out the years. In every assembly plant I’ve ever been in, there are places that non-UAW people do not go if they value their knee-caps. Hollowed out sections of warehouses replete with recliners and big-screen TVs. From the card games and craps-shooting, to the guy selling beers out of his trunk in the parking lot. They don’t call them the Usually Ain’t Workin’ for nothing.

Back around 1979/1980 (my doG, has it really been almost 30 years?), I was flipping burgers at a joint that was about a mile from a (then) Fischer-Body plant. We got real busy for an hour before to an hour after shift change at the plant, an endless procession of guys in coveralls through the drive-thru window. Every night these same two guys came through in a Chevy Vega, a bottle of Jack Daniel’s on the console, a six pack of tall-boys in each of their laps, and passing between them a "Bob Marley" joint of epic proportions.

They were on their way in for the Midnight shift.
Written By: Michael
"It is not, however, their obligation to make sure employees are doing what they are paid to do; that is a management function. If the employees are responsible for policing the employees, perhaps they could get rid of a few management positions."

Did I say that they should be policing other employees? They should be policing themselves. If not because they are defrauding the company, because they should be scared of losing their livelihood. I also said "clearly they aren’t managed at all."
Written By: J
URL: http://

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