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Breaking: IDF sorties into Gaza (UPDATE)
Posted by: McQ on Saturday, January 03, 2009

CNN is reporting:
Israeli ground troops have begun moving into Gaza, according to Israel Defense Forces.
We'll see if they learned anything from their last dust up in Lebanon. It seems clear, at least to me, that their intent with this move is to figuratively "wipe Hamas from the map" or so cripple them they're not a viable governing body anymore (which would allow the relatively more reasonable Fatah or even the PA to exert authority over Gaza).

"The objective is to destroy the Hamas terror infrastructure in the area of operations," said Israel Defense Forces Major Avital Leibovitch, a military spokeswoman, confirming that incursions were under way. "We are going to take some of the launch areas used by Hamas."

The IDF Spokesperson's office issued a statement, emphasizing that this stage of the operation will further the goals of the eight-day offensive as voiced by the IDF until now: To strike a direct and hard blow against the Hamas while increasing the deterrent strength of the IDF, in order to bring about an improved and more stable security situation for residents of Southern Israel over the long term.
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"French President Nicolas Sarkozy is visiting the region next week, and President George W. Bush and U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon both spoke in favor of an internationally monitored truce."

Oh wait. Israel will accept a truce so Hamas can set up rocket launchers right next to UN check points just like the last time. Yep that will solve things. The UN troops will shrug their shoulders and say "We are only here to observe".

If the UN wants an enforceable truce let them put troops into GAZA with orders to kill anyone they see carrying a weapon. Oh my what a novel solution.
Written By: retired military
URL: http://
" an internationally monitored truce."

Well, practice makes perfect. After 60 years they should be pretty good at monitoring truces.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Israel ticked off its own large appeasement/pacifist segment of the voting public. The only way for the current administration to stay in office is appeal to the pro-active side.

Israel not fooling around this time and aren’t going to be talked down easily.
Written By: jpm100
URL: http://
My reaction is this: I am sick and tired of hearing that "those poor civilians will be caught in the middle."

As far as I am concerned, if you vote for terrorists and someone comes and blows said terrorists up and you get caught in the explosion, you got what you deserved, no more and no less.

Sorry if this offends, but those poor, poor Palestinians have sat back for 60 years while their wonderful leaders - Arafat, Hamas, Hezbollah, etc. - have used them as shields, with their permission. If they didn’t like what was happening around them, they could have overthrown these thugs. Instead, they march for them, send their children to die as human flamethrowers and bombs, and somehow year after year they live in worse squalor.

I have as much pity for the Palestinians as I would if some goodball Obama supporter came forward in a year or two and said, "I lost my job because the recession got worse, and I blame Obama for it." Well, dickhead, you voted for the Empty Suit, so you have no reason to complain. To the Palestinians, I say, "if you vote for terrorists, be prepared to get punished when those terrorists are hunted down."

The Palestinians could have had a state a long, long time ago - but they chose the route of terror and confrontation, and now cry for pity and succor. So pardon me if I don’t cry when they stamped out like the maggots that they are.

Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://
It seems clear, at least to me, that their intent with this move is to figuratively "wipe Hamas from the map
Stopping with just Hamas is a mistake
Written By: shark
URL: http://

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