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Carter’s version of the War in Gaza
Posted by: McQ on Thursday, January 08, 2009

Jimmy Carter starts his article in the Washington Post this way:
I know from personal involvement that the devastating invasion of Gaza by Israel could easily have been avoided.

After visiting Sderot last April and seeing the serious psychological damage caused by the rockets that had fallen in that area, my wife, Rosalynn, and I declared their launching from Gaza to be inexcusable and an act of terrorism.
To that point, Mr. Carter and I were in agreement. Of course knowing it was Carter writing this piece, I knew there had to be a huge "but" coming soon. And, of course, I was right.

As usual, Mr. Carter presents a rather contextless one-sided view of what what happening at this time and ignores the recent (and inconvenient to the thrust of his article) past. He much more subtle in his accusations than usual (he's apparently learned from the criticism he's received and adapted his style). This time he crafts his fiction carefully so as to lead the reader to conclusion that it is all the Israeli's fault. But there are plenty of red flags which pop up that give away the game.

Bottom line, Carter essentially implies that Israel was starving the Palestinians for no good reason and Hamas as well as the PA were desperate for a peaceful solution. The rockets? Although condemned initially as an inexcusable act of terrorism, they're now essentially excused as acts of frustration and desperation. And besides, not that many Israelis were killed.

Carter then writes:
After extended discussions with those from Gaza, these Hamas leaders also agreed to accept any peace agreement that might be negotiated between the Israelis and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, who also heads the PLO, provided it was approved by a majority vote of Palestinians in a referendum or by an elected unity government.

Since we were only observers, and not negotiators, we relayed this information to the Egyptians, and they pursued the cease-fire proposal. After about a month, the Egyptians and Hamas informed us that all military action by both sides and all rocket firing would stop on June 19, for a period of six months, and that humanitarian supplies would be restored to the normal level that had existed before Israel's withdrawal in 2005 (about 700 trucks daily).

We were unable to confirm this in Jerusalem because of Israel's unwillingness to admit to any negotiations with Hamas, but rocket firing was soon stopped and there was an increase in supplies of food, water, medicine and fuel. Yet the increase was to an average of about 20 percent of normal levels. And this fragile truce was partially broken on Nov. 4, when Israel launched an attack in Gaza to destroy a defensive tunnel being dug by Hamas inside the wall that encloses Gaza.
A "defensive tunnel"? Heh, you've got to be kidding me. The tunnel was part of a plan to kidnap Israeli soldiers. What was defensive was the operation to take it out. The tunnel was a perfect example of Hamas using the truce as cover to continue its aggression against Israel.

And we know from Hamas's own words that they had no wish whatsoever for a truce of any kind with Israel. We also know that the PA and other Palestinians blame Hamas for what is going on, not Israel.

What Carter leaves out of his version of events is the level of attack Israel has sustained during Hamas's rule in Gaza and the fact that Hamas immediately resumed that level at the end of the cease fire.

To give a little context to what has caused Israel to finally act against Hamas in Gaza after 3+ years let's look at what Hamas has actually done.

Let's start with the period of Aug. 15, 2005 – Jan. 25, 2006. That's the period between Israel's evacuation of Gaza and the election of Hamas. In that period of time, Israel was attacked by rockets and mortars an average of 15 times a month.

Between the time of the Hamas election and it's Gaza coup (Jan. 25, 2006 – June 14, 2007), the attack average was 102 a month, an increase of 650%.

From the Hamas’ takeover and the start of the Tahadiya or State of Calm (June 14, 2007 – June 16, 2008), the average increased to 361 attacks per month. That's an additional 350% increase.

Now, those rocket and mortar shells were coming from someone and somewhere. And while there are those who would like to pretend they were homemade, we've since found out that they've come in from Iran and China.

Unless those two countries are giving these things away, Hamas has been buying them. So instead of spending money for food and humanitarian supplies, apparently Hamas opted for weaponry and aggression. Somehow, however, it is Israel's fault that the humanitarian flow of goods into Gaza is down to a trickle, in the face of an average of 361 rocket and mortar attacks a month of imported weaponry.

Carter is correct that this war could have been avoided, but not for the reasons he'd have you believe. All Hamas has to do is disavow aggression, violence and its stated mission of the destruction of Israel. All it has to do is spend its money on food and medicine instead of rockets and mortars.

The reason this war wasn't avoidable is Hamas has an intransigent position that refuses all efforts at a peace accord with Israel. Until they change that position and enter into good faith peace negotiations then, at least as I see it, the onus of the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza rests solely and squarely on them and no one else.
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Previous Comments to this Post 

Exactly so, Bruce.

And, I’ll tell you this; Carter’s self-justification exemplifies what I was talking about the other day, when I indicated that Israel was reacting at least in part to another follower of Carter Foreign Policy heading to the WH.

Written By: Bithead
Will no one rid us of this horrible, evil, little man?
Written By: kyleN
Worst President in my lifetime. Worst ex-President EVER.
Written By: jjmurphy
There was a picture attached to a FOX article yesterday showing a Kassam launch trailing smoke, coming out what appeared to be the very middle of an urban area.

Followed by more numerous pictures of Israeli air burst rounds and other destruction wrought by Israel upon Gaza.

Sure, that little Kassam looks kinda lonesome there in that shot, ya know, and since we don’t see it land and blow the snot out of something, well...ya know, it was just a launch, and just one little missile, and wow, look at all these pictures of Israeli stuff blowing crap up! Wow! Totally disproportionate dude!

Fortunately enough my analysis stopped at the first picture -
A missile, launched at Israel, fired from the midst of an urbanized area.

What kind of people make their back porch (or preferably someone else’s back porch or even better yet! A school yard or hospital emergency room unloading area) a launch pad for offensive weapons when they KNOW there will be a retaliatory response.

Carter can, as usual, shove it where the sun don’t shine.

Written By: looker
URL: http://
When Carter dies, socialist of the world will weep as one of their icons will be gone.
Written By: retired military
URL: http://
Has anyone yet mentioned to Carter "There’s only one President at a time?" Not that he wasn’t a sorry excuse for one when he was in office, I’m just sayin’ ...
Written By: Achillea
URL: http://
Well, hope you are ready for Carter 2.0
Written By: capt joe
URL: http://
How sickening was it that Bush - more gracious to Obama than Clinton ever was to him - invited this piece of trash Carter back to the White House for that lunch?

Written By: shark
URL: http://
And I’m sure any of you has actually been there and know definitively that Carter is lying?
Written By: Bubba
URL: http://
And I’m sure any of you has actually been there and know definitively that Carter is lying?
Who said he was "lying" Bubba?

He was accused of giving a one-sided account (his "version") and facts - that’s right, facts - appear to bear that out.

He’s also giving his opinion as to which side is at fault and the opinion shared by most here is he is wrong. And again, the reason he’s believed to be wrong is supported by those pesky facts.

But not a single person called him a liar.
Written By: McQ
Bubba - give us a quick ’fact’ about how randomly firing Kassam rockets into Israel will make the Israelis more receptive to Palestinian demands.
Maybe you can cite Carter excusing the use of Palestinian violence to attain peace between the Palestinians and Israel.

I’m sure you can support, with facts, the actions that brought this whole situation to pass and explain how it was a logical and peace seeking action for the government of Hamas to take with regard to negotiations to achieve a peace between the Gaza Palestinians and Israel.

You should probably consider, if you can make the case, you’re probably going to have to burn any "violence solves nothing" signs that might be left over from the protests of our ’overthrow’ of Saddam Hussein.
Also, anyone accusing Georgia of attacking Ossetia will now have to acknowledge that if Georgia did so, they were only trying to attain a peace between Ossetia and Georgia that has formerly eluded all efforts.
Written By: looker
URL: http://
Simply Brilliant.
Written By: Bithead
And I’m sure any of you has actually been there and know definitively that Carter is lying?
First, as pointed out previously, no one said he was lying. And second, I’m sure you have actually been there and know definitively that Carter is telling the truth?
Written By: SShiell
URL: http://
I am saying he is lying, because he always lies. He is a socialist a-hole, of course he lies.
Written By: kyleN
Where’s Erb? Is Bubba his TA?

So Bubba the only tings we can know are those thngs we have experienced directly, ourselves? WOW, defeats the purpose of school and all those books, doesn’t it?
Written By: Joe
URL: http://
And I’m sure any of you has actually been there and know definitively that Carter is lying?
Who said he was "lying" Bubba?

He was accused of giving a one-sided account (his "version") and facts - that’s right, facts - appear to bear that out.

He’s also giving his opinion as to which side is at fault and the opinion shared by most here is he is wrong. And again, the reason he’s believed to be wrong is supported by those pesky facts.

But not a single person called him a liar.
I’ll call him a liar. Everyone at Camp David, including President Clinton, agrees that the land for peace deal was Gaza plus 90%+ of the West Bank. There was the opportunity for a Palestinian state. Arafat walked away from it and later denied that that was actually the offer. Who does Carter believe? President Clinton or Arafat? You guess it. He also stated that none of President Clinton’s proposals were accepted by either Barak or Arafat. This is also a lie. I don’t know why he insists on lying - Arab money, dementia - I have no idea. He has zero credibility. He wasn’t even there!

Written By: Is
URL: http://
" Who does Carter believe? President Clinton or Arafat? You guess it"

Well, you gotta admit, that’s a tough choice.
Written By: timactual
URL: http://
Written By: in.nomine.patris
URL: teamsarah.orgq
Jimmy Carter asked ther Soviets for help. When he was running for reelection against Reagan.

"Lier" is only one of his crimes . . .
Written By: Don
URL: http://
We’ll be discussing the Israeli invasion of Gaza from perspectives on both sides of the divide Monday and Tuesday January 12 and 13 at 5 PM New York time on News Talk Online on with Israel’s Consul General in New York Asaf Shariv and Hussein Ibish, executive director of the Foundation for Arab-American Leadership and senior fellow at the American Task Force on Palestine.

Please go to and click on the Join The Chat Room button to speak with Shariv on Monday and Ibish on Tuesday.


Written By: Gary Baumgarten

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