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Those clouds are having a tough time parting
Posted by: McQ on Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh noes!
Dozens of Iranians burnt posters of U.S. President-elect Barack Obama in Tehran on Tuesday and waved Palestinian flags in support of Gaza, according to a witness and photographs.

Iranian demonstrators have often burnt effigies or pictures of U.S. presidents in protests. This appeared to be the first time Obama's picture had been defaced so publicly, a week before his inauguration as president.

Pictures obtained by Reuters showed the president-elect's image laid on the road for cars to drive over it, and other images showed demonstrators burning the Obama poster.
But I thought the only reason we were hated in the world was because of Bush. You mean the hate could just be unthinkingly directed at the office? Who knew and how unenlightened is that? After all, Obama has promised "change".

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You mean the hate could just be unthinkingly directed at the office?
Or at the country. Or the society.

Oh how I wish that stupid anti-American leftists would use this kind of evidence to finally get over their "ask ourselves why they hate us" bleating. And their preposterous assertion that they hate our actions instead of what we are as a society. They won’t, of course.

Obama has done nothing of consequence. They have no reasons to hate him. They just do.

But of course, the fact of raw, reasoning hatred is undetectable to some. You can spot such fools when they put forth idiocies such as "to be pro-Israel, you have to be pro-Palestinian."

I suppose that now to be pro-Obama, you must be pro-Iranian. Hmm, well, many on the left are, so I guess that works.
Written By: Billy Hollis
So much for our improved "image"
Written By: Neo
URL: http://
I wonder what they’ll write when he actually takes office? So far, all he did was vote "present", right?
Written By: MarkD
URL: http://
Awwww, poor Lightworker’s feelings will be hurt
Written By: shark
URL: http://
But I thought the only reason we were hated in the world was because of Bush.
Several of my neighbors are such ’useful idiots.’ I’m waiting until he’s actually in office before pointing out, subtly and politely of course, the house of cards they enthusiastically bought.

In conversations with a family member, I admitted that Obama’s cabinet wasn’t as bad as one would have expected from campaign rhetoric. She said that is what she expected all along. She was speechless when I quipped, "so your OK with politicians who lie just to get elected?" Naturally, she studiously avoided even thinking about the comparison to the "Bush lied us into war" mantra emanating from her and her allies lips these past 6 years. Modern liberalism - the ends justify the means!
Written By: bains
URL: http://
They burned Carter in effigy, too.

I think people like Erb will be in for a big wake-up call when its India, China, Indonesia, calling the shots in 20-30 years.

They are not Europeans. They don’t have colonial guilt trips. They are populated by young people who may not have learned the lessons of WW II. They may not be progressive.
Written By: Harun
URL: http://
Does this now mean the seas will not recede?
Is hopenchange dead? Will he no longer turn the world on ..with a smile..are you still there mary tyler moore? If we doubt our great healer will we have to throw ourselves under a bus? Is there even room left under there? Oh no!..the quandries
that the iranian lack of acceptance of "The One"
has thrown me into.
Written By: Jon Brooks
URL: http://
Perhaps this will remind everyone that back in the day they were burning effigies of Jimmeh Carter too. I mean, really...Carter!
Written By: the wolf
URL: http://
McQ - After all, Obama has promised "change".

This IS change. After all, it used to be Bush’s face on those posters.

I will admit, however, that it may not be quite the change that liberal idiots thought they’d get. But give it time: TAO hasn’t really had a chance to exert the full power of his personality and genius. I’m sure that, as soon as Iranians get even a tiny does of the Power of O, they’ll start WORSHIPPING posters of TAO. To hell with this Allah fellow: the Americans have a REAL messiah who can heal the planet and make the seas start to receed.
Written By: docjim505
URL: http://
Oh, my. Do you mean that there are parts of the world that won’t be part of the Cult of Personality for The Clown™?

Darn darn darn darn darn.

Written By: James Marsden
URL: http://

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