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The Senate Vote
Posted by: McQ on Friday, December 12, 2008

While the defeat of the auto bailout is being "blamed" on Republicans, and I'm sure that for most of them, that's fine, it's always fun to look inside the numbers.

How did it end up?

Oh yes, 52 for and 35 against, correct?

And the threshold needed? 60 votes.

10, count 'em, 10 "Republicans" (yes the scare quotes are intentional) voted for the for the bill.

Four Democrats voted 'nay': Baucus, Tester, Lincoln, and Reid.

Four Democrats did not vote: Biden, Kennedy, Kerry, and Wyden.
We know why Reid didn't vote yes - it's a procedural trick - it gives him the opportunity, if necessary, to keep this all alive.

So why didn't Biden, Kennedy, Kerry and Wyden vote on this all important bill? That's their job, isn't it? And why couldn't Harry Reid manage to get Lincoln, Tester and Baucus on board?

I mean it is clear that the 60 votes were there if Mr. Reid could have managed any sort of leadership on the thing. Good grief, if you can't manage a victory with 10 "Republicans" on your side, when can you?
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Advice for Dingy Harry:

Next time you feel like calling somebody a "loser", perhaps you’d better remember that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones.
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