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Dale Franks

Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-02

CA Appeals Court: The governor may lower state workers' pay to the minimum wage if a state budget isn't in place. #

HCR may mean longer emergency room waits and more crowding. Unexpectedly! #

RT @LeftCrusader: The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that non-farm jobs fell from 133,549k in Jan09 to 130,470k today. That's -3.079m. #

RT @LeftCrusader: The 3 million jobs lost is a complete bullshit talking point by fixed news. | Its the official BLS non-farm employm't no. #

RT @LeftCrusader: @DaleFranks CLinton creatd 20 m and Carter created 10m n 1 term. | Under Reagan, 17.7m jobs were created. So do I win? #

RT @LeftCrusader: Bush creatd just over a million [jobs] n 8 years. | And 3m+ jobs have disappeared in 18 months of Obama. #

RT @LeftCrusader: @DaleFranks CLinton creatd 20 m and Carter created 10m n 1 term. | *shrug* That's irrelevant to your claim about Obama. #

RT @LeftCrusader, re: Obama creating jobs v. Bush. BLS payroll employment: 2001-2009, +1.86m jobs. Since 2009, -3.079 jobs. Ur math sucks. #

Factory orders fall 1.4% in May after 9 months of gains #RecoverySummer #

Official unemployment rates: Jun 09: 9.5%, Jun 10: 9.5%. Actual unemployment rates: Jun 09: 11.4%, Jun 10: 13.1% #

Isn't it interesting how, as unemployed people get discouraged and stop looking for work, the unemployment rate declines? That's by design. #

Using the historical labor force participation rate (66.2%), the actual unemployment rate is 13.1%, up from 12.8% last month. #

In June, 125k jobs lost, yet the unemploym't rate went DOWN to 9.5%, says the BLS. Unemploym't rate is really lowballed. #RecoverySummer #

Anderson Cooper: It's inconceivable that on Day 73 of the oil spill, we're still talking about getting skimmers to start working on the oil. #

The general opinion seems to be that the Feds are incompetent buffoons. #

Billy Nungesser, Plaqumines Parish President, says he's not asking the CG permission to do anything, and the Feds can suck it. #

Watching Anderson Cooper on CNN right now, tearing the Feds a new one for lack of transparency in the oil cleanup efforts. He seems PO'd. #

RT @AblativMeatshld: CA Welfare Recipients Withdraw $12k From Strip Club ATMs" | Meh. I could do that by myself. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-07-01

U.S. auto sales down from May by 12-15%, though higher than last June. #RecoverySummer #

Mayor Daley sets out new gun rules for Chi: 1 working gun, registration, 4-hr training course, gun must remain indoors. #

Why are Great Whites hanging around So Cal? My kayak and I do not like this! #

Are Boehner and Barton actually Dem sleeper agents? 'Cause they couldn't do a better job of hurting Rs if they were. #

Flurry of negative economic reports dampen recovery hopes. #RecoverySummer #

'See something, say something' also known to some as "be a rat", drive begins in NYC #

Al Gore: I did not attempt to have sex with that woman! I'm totally cereal! #

RT @dmataconis: Kagan Ends Testimony With Confirmation Assured | Elections have consequences. # Stocks tumbled today after worse-than-expected readings on manufacturing, housing and the labor market. #RecoverySummer # Mortgage Rates Fall; 30-Year Fixed Extends Record Low To 4.58%. #RecoverySummer # Treasury Yield Curve Flattest Since October on U.S. Jobs, Factory Reports. #RecoverySummer # U.S. Manufacturing Grows at Slower Pace Than Forecast in ISM's June Index. #RecoverySummer # Construction spending in the U.S. fell in May for the first time in three months. #RecoverySummer # Pending Sales of Existing U.S. Homes Decreased 30% in May. #RecoverySummer #

New jobless claims rose (unexpectedly!) by 13k to 472k. #

Portland police reopening investigation into Al Gore. This seems odd. What evidence do they have now vice 3 yrs ago? #

The world's largest oil skimmer arrives in the Gulf of Mexico…to wait for the Feds to approve its operation. #

Dan Riehl: "Today's establishm't GOP is a reasonable conservative's enemy. They are not our friends." Or Libertarians'. #

Democrats are blocking Republicans from visiting the oil spill. Trying to hide the stink of failure? #

Microsoft kills the Kin phones after only two months. Windows Mobile phones suck hard, so their failure makes me happy. #

FinReg has passed the House in an essentially party line vote. Soon we'll have everything regulated, and be truly safe. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-30

Cambridge PD: Prof. Gates and Sgt. Crowley were both a-holes. #

Report: Deficit, debt get worse despite health care law | I'm shocked–shocked!–to learn this! Again. #

RT @markknoller: Obama: Debate isn’t about big or small government, but responsible government." | "Responsible"? *cough* oil spill *cough* #

RT @markknoller: Obama: There are times when "only government" can do what individuals and business cannot. | By "times" he means "always". #

I just learned that Swedish Match has discontinued Claq Qui. Now I have to go through the tedious process of finding a new snus. #

If we really are in for another contraction, and a massive round of money creation by the Fed, then I suggest these… # The ECRI leading indicator plummets to -6.9, pointing to an economic contraction in the US by the end of the year. #

RT @Heritage Morning Bell: Obama’s Oil Spill To-Do List | At this point "Anything" would be a to-do list for Obama. # RBS to customers: We strongly believe that [an economic] cliff-edge may be around the corner…Think the unthinkable." #

VA hospital may have exposed 1800 veterans to HIV. #

Elizabeth Edwards is inspired by Sandra Bullock. Yeah, Sandra threw the bum out immediately, unlike Edwards. #

12-foot waves hamper Gulf oil cleanup. Nature gave us 70 days to jump into action. Instead, Obama dithered. #

The ADP Employment Change report shows private employers only added 13k new jobs last month. That implies a negative BLS report on Friday. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-29

Listening to Alex Jones on Opie & Anthony. Wow! EVERYTHING is a conspiracy to this guy! #

Kagan vows to keep politics, judging separate. And you can believe as much of that as you please. #

Apparently, "Ur doin it wrong" fails as an excuse for iPhone4 antenna problems, so lawsuits begin brewing. #

If China negotiates a trade deal with Taiwan, is that a de facto recognition of Taiwan as an independent state? #

Kagan quickly backpedaled from her past call for nominees to speak more openly about their constitutional views. Haha! #

Kagan affirms her belief in a "living constitution", i.e., one that means whatever she wishes at a given time. #

Democrats seek "macaca" moments on Republicans. They're not even pretending to have plausible policies any more. #

Mayors Daley & Bloomberg read Supreme Court's 2nd Amendment ruling, shrug, and say "So what?" #

Meat-flavored vodkas? I thought fruit flavors were bad enough. #

Consumer confidence plunges in June, as Biden's "summer of recovery" begins. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-28

RT @dmataconis @dahlhalla: Russian spies? Is this the '80s? | Lots of Russian officials wish it was. #

Ex-president Clinton seems to be arguing that the Navy should nuke the leaking Gulf oil well. #

Shorter WV SecState: We don't aim to do us no senator electin', 'cause…well…we just don't aim to, that's all. #

Compare & contrast Strom Thurmond's passing with that of Robert Byrd. Similar backgrounds, different media narratives. # Pelosi: "serious drawdown" in A-stan in 2011 via House's $ power. | Unless there's a serious drawdown of Dems in 2010. #

RT @mattklewis: Having gone to college in West Virginia… | That's interesting. What was your major: Minin', Strikin', or Feudin'? #

RT @markknoller: Senators expect Kagan to be more forthcoming than nominees she has criticized. | Yeah. Well, good luck with that. #

Look at it this way: We have every bit as much information about what kind of justice Kagan will be as we did about Obama as president. #

Thanks to everyone for all the birthday wishes. You've clogged my phone & email inbox. Appreciate it. # Income, Spending, and Savings Grow in May. That's about the only good economic news for May. #

Turkey announces that it will ban some Israeli flights. If we eject Turkey from NATO now, we'll avoid a lot of drama. #

Supremes declare the Sarbanes-Oxley Audit Board unconstitutional, but Congress can structure a replacement. #

Apple's arrogant response to user complaints about their hands blocking iPhone4 antenna: Don't hold it that way. #

I'm so sick of hearing the Tea Party, et al., being described as the"far right". Echoing the Founders is now radical. #

This is what you call a blinding glimpse of the obvious: Hezbollah not interested in dialog with US. #

Robert Byrd, ex-klansman, segregationist, and conscience of the Senate, has gone to that great rally in the sky. #

Once again, the Supreme Court upholds the second amendment. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-25

Democrats simply cannot keep their hands off my wallet, and Republicans can't keep their hands off my penis.

Ummm…I mean…you know. #

Note toTexas GOP: if I'm not physically harming the person or property of a non-consenting adult, hows about you STFU? Limited government? #

Looking over the Texas GOP platform, I'm utterly unsurprised to see that Republicans are just as totalitarian as Democrats. #

HCR Redux: Chris Dodd says we'll have to wait until it's implemented before we know how the FinReg law will work. Surprises are fun! #

Dem official in WI calls for AZ boycott, says immigration law might be understandable if AZ was a border state. # Moron #

The iPhone 4 can have its signal blocked by the user's hand. Not that the Apple cultists care, but that's bad design. #

Russia's Duma considers giving the FSB, formerly the KGB, more sweeping powers. That's worked out so well in the past. #

The six million dollar cat. #

ICANN is set to approve the .xxx domain for porn, something that should have been done a decade ago. #

The home-buying tax credit not only inflated home sales artificially, it inflated the amount of fraud and abuse. #

Jurors weigh cop's word against 5 felons in police torture trial. Sadly,I assume the felons are telling the truth. #

1Q GDP revised down to 2.7%. Not only is this well below post-recession trends, it's below the normal, long-term 3%. #

Pakistan will monitor/block web sites for blasphemy, to prevent fright or confusion among the populace. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-06-24

The government required BP to use flawed models to create their accident contingency plans for oil spills. #

There's not a lot of happiness about the Feds' response to the Gulf spill. REALLY not happy. Mutiny-level unhappiness. #

Medvedev thinks Russia could have a hi-tech economy. Maybe rural electricity and plumbing would be a good start. #

NYC exhibit shows shiny, green utopian cities in 2030. Like people in the 1930's imagined we'd have flying cars today. #

Shoddy disposal work mars Gulf spill cleanup. #

RT @dmataconis @CalebHowe @CO2HOG @TejasKat Is BP burning sea turtles alive? | Yes, but then you crack them open and have yummy turtle soup. #

RT @dmataconis: Americans Love Their Country, Fear Their Government. | But not quite enough to eliminate the things that make gov't fearful. #

In the worst idea since direct election of senators, the electoral college is on the verge of being eliminated. #

There's a good chance that BP will declare bankruptcy. File in London, get relief from spill liability. #

Venezuela nationalizes some US-owned oil rigs. This is how poor countries tell the world, "Never invest here again." #

RT @GayPatriot @FloridaJayhawk: $540 Massage? What Kind of Massage Did Al Gore order? | I believe it's known as a "Happy Ending". #

RT @JoeNBC SOCCER GAME: For me, it was as exciting as any sports event since Lake Placid. | Seriously? Since Lake Placid? #

Hey, Belarus, all your gas are belong to us! #MedvedevTweets #

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