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Comment Policy

We here at QandO encourage conversation about the topics we introduce on the main pages of the blog and have been fortunate enough over the years to attract a community of commenters who’ve been entertaining, engaging and have added to the content of the blog in a positive manner.

Some rules of the road:

1. Being a libertarian blog, we want to provide the widest latitude possible in the comment section. But it should be understood up front that there is no ‘right’ to comment here. It is and will remain a privilege extended to those who act in accordance with the rules of common decency. However, if you’ve shown up here to be a troll or verbally abusive, you won’t be here long. We don’t want or like to ban anyone – and very few have ever been banned, but those who have earned their banishment.

2. Your first comment here is going to have to be approved by one of the authors of the blog. That’s because that first approval helps us sort the spam from the real commenters. To date, because of that feature, we’ve been able to keep QandO virtually spam free. So its worth the time lag to ensure we’re not spammed into oblivion like we were on the old platform. If your first comment here doesn’t show up immediately, that’s why. But if it is a legitimate comment, it will show up. We don’t care which side you take, and we’ll not censor you if you disagree.

3. A lot of people read this blog at work. So we do our very best to keep it safe for work. That includes the comments. Please refrain from using vulgar words or obscenities. If you must, use the * in place of vowels. This keeps the filters at various places from picking up on certain words and blocking QandO because of it. This isn’t an effort at censorship, this is an effort to keep us from being blocked. We’re all clever and imaginative people, so we’re sure you can find a language workaround or a symbol that will allow you to fully vent while still preventing us from being blocked.

4. When in doubt, please ask. All of the authors have available email addresses listed on the blog. We’ll be happy to respond to any questions you might have and provide clarification.

Enjoy QandO and participate freely. We appreciate you reading the blog and thank you for understanding and abiding by the few “rules of the road” for commenters here.