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Notes from RightOnLine

The conference has a full list of breakout sessions that are quite interesting. I’ve attended two now, both fairly basic, but they’re on “tracks” meaning that subject will be built upon as the day progresses and you follow the track through to its conclusion.

I’ve run into some friends and acquaintances here and its good to see them. But the vast majority are obviously strangers. I’m wondering though whether this is more regional than an event like CPAC.

One interesting thing going on concurrently is the left is holding Netroots Nation right across the street and a good number of them are staying in the hotel in which RightOnLine is being held.



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OK, I’m sitting in the bloggers lounge at RightOnLine in the Twin Cities. If the name tags waiting to be picked up are any indication, it is going to be very well attended. It’ll be interesting to see how different this is from CPAC.

I may attend some of the breakout sessions just to get a feel for what is being pushed by Republicans. Hopefully I’m going to hear a lot about fiscal issues, budget, debt, deficit and spending cuts.

Michele Bachman, Tim Pawlenty and Herman Cain will be speaking here. I’m going to try to live blog their speeches. I’m also trying an experiment with the iPad, using it as my primary means of blogging (a little downsizing).

So … let the games begin.


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