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Anthony Bourdain

Thought police – you can only grieve in an approved way

So, Steve Martin mourns the passing of Carrie Fisher in his own way.  Okay.  His problem?  He put his thoughts up on Twitter.  What he said was the following: “When I was a young man, Carrie Fisher she was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen. She turned out to be witty and bright as well.”

Not the most articulate tribute, but it certainly was heartfelt and moving.  A tribute to someone who had become a friend.  And someone to whom he was attracted at a younger age because he saw her as unsurpassingly beautiful.

Apparently that’s just a horrid way to feel and certainly verboten when it comes to expressing those feelings.  The feminist thought-police were up in arms over this harmless good-bye and fond memory.  The castigated Martin.  Excoriated him.  He deleted the tweet.  You can’t even express your mourning now except in a politically approved method.

I’ve been an Anthony Bourdain fan since I read his book “Kitchen Confidential.”  And I’ll tell you something, he’ll eat anything.  I’ve watched him eat some stuff that, yeah, not going near my stomach.  Anyway, I was reading a short bit of an interview he did with Reason and found him sounding quite a bit like Camille Paglia discussing today’s left (Bourdain is a self-identified liberal):

I hate the term political correctness, the way in which speech that is found to be unpleasant or offensive is often banned from universities. Which is exactly where speech that is potentially hurtful and offensive should be heard.

The way we demonize comedians for use of language or terminology is unspeakable. Because that’s exactly what comedians should be doing, offending and upsetting people, and being offensive. Comedy is there, like art, to make people uncomfortable, and challenge their views, and hopefully have a spirited yet civil argument. If you’re a comedian whose bread and butter seems to be language, situations, and jokes that I find racist and offensive, I won’t buy tickets to your show or watch you on TV. I will not support you. If people ask me what I think, I will say you suck, and that I think you are racist and offensive. But I’m not going to try to put you out of work. I’m not going to start a boycott, or a hashtag, looking to get you driven out of the business.

The utter contempt with which privileged Eastern liberals such as myself discuss red-state, gun-country, working-class America as ridiculous and morons and rubes is largely responsible for the upswell of rage and contempt and desire to pull down the temple that we’re seeing now.

I’ve spent a lot of time in gun-country, God-fearing America. There are a hell of a lot of nice people out there, who are doing what everyone else in this world is trying to do: the best they can to get by, and take care of themselves and the people they love. When we deny them their basic humanity and legitimacy of their views, however different they may be than ours, when we mock them at every turn, and treat them with contempt, we do no one any good. Nothing nauseates me more than preaching to the converted. The self-congratulatory tone of the privileged left—just repeating and repeating and repeating the outrages of the opposition—this does not win hearts and minds. It doesn’t change anyone’s opinions. It only solidifies them, and makes things worse for all of us. We should be breaking bread with each other, and finding common ground whenever possible. I fear that is not at all what we’ve done.

Indeed.  He gets it.  He also is the type of liberal that is interested in the debate.  The conversation.  Finding out about the other half.

You’ll likely find this amusing as well.  He nails what sunk the left in this last election as well as perfectly characterizing Bill Maher:

Bisley: A few years back you were on Real Time with Bill Maher and part of the discussion was about people living inside their own bubbles. What do you think of Bill Maher?

Bourdain: Insufferably smug. Really the worst of the smug, self-congratulatory left. I have a low opinion of him. I did not have an enjoyable experience on his show. Not a show I plan to do again. He’s a classic example of the smirking, contemptuous, privileged guy who lives in a bubble. And he is in no way looking to reach outside, or even look outside, of that bubble, in an empathetic way.

Precisely.  That’s one of the major reasons they lost and it is also why they were absolutely shocked when they did.  The hope, of course, is that they’ll continue as they have been.  I’ve  seen, by their actions and words, no indication that they’ve figured this out yet.

The idiot-in-chief has decided he’ll make the world situation even worse in his last few days in office by screwing over a ally and rekindling the Cold War.  Completely out played on the world stage, this is all he has left:

President Barack Obama ordered the expulsion of 35 Russian suspected spies and imposed sanctions on two Russian intelligence agencies over their involvement in hacking U.S. political groups in the 2016 presidential election.

The measures, taken during the last days of Obama’s presidency, mark a new post-Cold War low in U.S.-Russian ties which have deteriorated over Ukraine and Syria.

Allegations by U.S. intelligence agencies that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally directed efforts to intervene in the U.S. election process by hacking mostly Democrats have made relations even worse.

So this is the response to “alleged” hacking?  Talk about reacting to fake news, this takes the cake.  I wonder how many diplos will be returning to the states in the next few days.

And then what?  Yeah, trust me, he hasn’t thought that far ahead.  But that’s nothing new, and besides, he can go on permanent vacation in a few weeks and leave this foreign policy wreck to Trump. Nothing but useless provocation.  But hey, don’t think that’s the last you’ll hear of him.  You can count on the “expert” in foreign affairs weighing in quite often from the golf course over the next 4 years.  Another negative is the man has no class.  Well done, Mr. Obama!

By the way, did you know Central and South America is a hotbed of activity for Muslim extremists?  Yeah, you wouldn’t because, if you were a thinking person you might put two and two together and see border security as a priority.  That would go against the leftist agenda and narrative.  Judicial Watch, however, is on the job:

Latin America is a hotbed of Islamic terrorism where groups like ISIS and Hezbollah operate freely and raise large sums of money to finance terrorist activities in other countries, mainly the United States, according to a new report released by Spain’s Defense Ministry. “Latin America represents an important region for Islamic radicalism because conditions enable the free, almost undetectable, movement of their members throughout the region,” the defense document states.


Earlier this year Judicial Watch uncovered State Department records confirming that “Arab extremists” are entering the U.S. through Mexico with the assistance of smuggling network “cells.” Among them is a top Al Qaeda operative wanted by the FBI. The government documents also reveal that some Mexican smuggling networks actually specialize in providing logistical support for Arab individuals attempting to enter the United States.

But, you know, nothing to see here. It is just “children” who want to enter the US and are looking for a chance to better themselves.