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Arctic ice

Arctic ice–no tipping point

Remember we were warned by alarmist scientists that our contribution to the CO2 output of the planet was enough to push the warming effect past a tipping point such that the arctic ice pack would disappear … for good.   Well, now there’s new evidence (piled upon all sorts of other new evidence) that no such thing is immanent.

Scientists say current concerns over a tipping point in the disappearance of Arctic sea ice may be misplaced.

Danish researchers analysed ancient pieces of driftwood in north Greenland which they say is an accurate way to measure the extent of ancient ice loss.

Writing in the journal Science, the team found evidence that ice levels were about 50% lower 5,000 years ago.

They say changes to wind systems can slow down the rate of melting.

They argue, therefore, that a tipping point under current scenarios is unlikely.

Well, there goes another one.  Seeing a pattern forming here yet?  At some point, someone on the other side, with at least a shred of integrity left ought to stand up and say, “okay, enough.  And speaking of enough, it should be clear to all of us now we don’t have enough information or data to be making the wild-assed predictions we made based in dubious information and obviously inaccurate modeling”.

Yeah, that’ll happen.



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