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European Parliament

European Parliament member Daniel Hannan talks about the importance of America

I got to meet Daniel Hannan at CPAC.  I have seen him speak on a number of occasions before and have always been impressed by his love of liberty.  His speech at CPAC is a “must listen”.  He knows of what he speaks about. 

Interestingly I talked with a person attending CPAC who was originally from Slovakia and said he got off the plane 16 years ago with only a suitcase, and is now an employer.  He says America is the land of opportunity, for now.  But, he said, when he’s asked if America has changed in those 16 years he tells them “yes” and not in a good way.  “I lived in a place like where it is headed,” he said, “and that’s not good”.




So, if you have a few moments listen to Mr. Hannan again talk about this country as a Brit sees it (don’t ever call him a European) and why it is so important to the world as well as why we need to stop the direction in which it is heading and reorient it in the direction that made it great:




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