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ICCC6 Livestream

This is some good stuff folks.  If you’re interested in the debate, you need to tune into the livestream of the conference.   Just heard a great debate between Dr. Scott Denning  and Dr. Roy Spencer on climate change.   I was happy to hear some representation of the other side, although I’d have difficulty classifying Dr. Denning as an “alarmist” (he’s a scientist who thinks there’s adequate evidence that humans are having a decided effect on climate – but his main area of research is CO2 and how it interact with our climate so I’m inclined to take him much more seriously than a, say, Al Gore). 

Spencer made a point that is important to absorb.  If a tree has an effect on climate (and it does) then so do humans.  The debate isn’t about whether humans are having an effect, it is about the degree – if any- of that effect.

Anyway, if you have the time, hit the livestream link.   And at some point you should be able to see an archive of the debate.


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