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2013 SOTU Liveblog

Well, I was gonna try and liveblog this via a service like CoverItLive, but that’s no longer free, and the free ones only allow a very small number of monthly views. So, I guess I have to step back into the past and liveblog it Old Skool. You’ll need to refresh the page regularly, if you’re following along.

I hope CoverItLive fails spectacularly.

So, this is the night when the president turns his full focus on jobs. Again. For the 5th time.

18:10 OK, the King is entering the House of Commons.

18:13 One of the best improvements to politics I can think of would be for the president to transmit a written SOTU to Congress. If nothing else, it would deprive Sheila Jackson-Lee of her photo op.

18:16 If I was Obama, I wouldn’t start off by talking about the Constitution.

18:18 We have cleared away the rubble of crisis. Not true. You’re still president.

18:19 Obama talks about revitalizing the economy, as if his policies weren’t an obstacle to that.

18:22 I guess Obama was for the sequester before he was against it.

18:23 I think it’s precious that Obama talks as if Social Security was remotely sustainable in its current form.

18:24 "Everyone must pay their fair share," especially the rich, those greedy, bloated, plutocratic bastards.

18:24 Obama wants "bipartisan, comprehensive tax reform" that leaves the system of income taxation essentially unchanged. Like Social Security. Our entire political class lives in the past, and they don’t even seem to know it.

18:30 Obama is pushing 3D printing. That’s a really good idea. In a couple of years, home 3D printers will make great guns.

18:31 "Nothing I’m proposing tonight should increase our deficit by a single dime." And yet, somehow, they will.

18:34 I can not believe this guy is implicitly taking credit for energy production increases done in SPITE of, bet because of, his policies.

18:36 We can choose to believe humans cause climate change. Or we can believe that it has something to do with the thermonuclear furnace in the sky. As a great number of scientists believe, since he’s all giddy about science.

18:37 Man, this guy loves executive orders.

18:39 "I’m proposing a partnership with the private sector," because there just isn’t enough crony capitalism yet.

18:41 Let’s help people buy more homes. Like we did, you know, before 2008, with the Community Reinvestment Act.

18:42 Preschool for every child in America. Why not puppies, too? Better yet, why not let the states take care of this?

18:44 German kids are ready for a job when they graduate high school. Because Germany doesn’t have the NEA, resisting every possible education reform. I’d be satisfied if high schools graduated students who were literate.

18:46 Every kid shouldn’t go to college. Not all the baby turtles make it to the ocean.

18:46 "Putting more boots on the southern border." Right. Just let Canadians come in willy-nilly. Maple lover.

18:49 The Violence Against Women Act is an anathema. The Federal Government has no general police power.

18:51 "No one who works should live in poverty!" Raise the minimum wage and fewer poor people will work. Hey, why stop at $9 an hour? Make it $100, and we’ll all be farting through silk.

18:54 We will have stronger families, stronger communities, and a stronger America, by ensuring the government takes and spends more of their money.

18:54 "By the end of next year, our war in Afghanistan will be over." And by the end of the next year, the Taliban will be back in charge.

18:56 Al-Qaeda is dead! Yay!

18:58 "The leaders of Iran should know that now is the time for a diplomatic solution." That’ll have ’em quaking in their boots.

19:00 "We should remember that today’s world presents not only dangers, but opportunities." Not just pain, but joy. Also, blinding glimpses of the obvious.

19:03 So, far this administration’s batting average on change in the Mideast isn’t very good.

19:04 "We will maintain the best military in the world!" But a smaller, less capable one than we used to have.

19:06 Wait, long lines at polling places are a violation of fundamental rights? Umm, the right not to be inconvenienced by queues?

19:08 "What I’ve said tonight matters little." That would’ve been the perfect place to stop.

19:09 So. Gun control. roll out the dead kids. Never mind that murders have declined by half since 1991. Guns are bad.

19:11 "The victims deserve a vote" on gun control! No. They don’t. NO ONE DESERVES A VOTE ON MY RIGHTS.

19:14 So, why hasn’t this little black lady voted since 1964? Am I missing something?

19:15 "The word ‘citizens’ describes what we believe." Really? ‘Cause clearly you believe in a lot of things I don’t.

Well, basically it was the same tired crap he’s pushed for the last 4 years. Government is the market. Rich people owe us stuff. Blah, blah, blah. Thank God it was shorter than I feared.

I can’t believe this dolt is president. But, I guess the libs thought that about Bush, so we’re even.

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Republican Debate Liveblog

Well, CoverItLive completely crapped out. So I guess the live bit is down to me manually updating the liveblog, like some kind of animal.

1917: Ron Paul says we need to mind our own business. Iran is a problem because we overthrew Mossadegh and installed the Shah.

1919: Ron Paul now seems to be saying we have to try terrorists, and not reject the rule of law. Not just say someone is a terrorist and then shoot ’em.

1921: Yeah, I’m sure Rick Santorum is extremely concerned that Iran’s mullahs violate the rights of gays. Paul: That’s war propaganda.

1922: Ron Paul is quite the isolationist. I get Paul’s stance, but I certainly worry that ignoring the world will result in another Pearl Harbor. Although, having said that, we spent several years ticking the Japanese off prior to Pearl.

1929: The Lovely Christine thinks Herman Cain is weak. “Go back to selling pizzas.”

1931: Romney wants a Federal Marriage amendment to the Constitution to ban gay marriage. Jon Huntsman, on the other hand, loves him some Civil Unions for gays. Ron Paul could care less. Rick Santorum doesn’t like it all. Doesn’t think much of abortion, either. Even in cases of rape.

1939: Romney wants personal unemployment accounts, rather than unemployment benefits.

1942: Huntsman wants to end the EPA’s regulatory power, and have more industry in the US.

1943: Bachmann: This increase in debt and the debt ceiling is madness, and the S&P downgrade proves it.

1945: Cain: Cap gains tax to 0%. Tax breaks to companies that bring profits back to the US.

1947: The Fed needs more transparency, according to Gingrich, and needs a sound money policy. But we still need it. Paul is happy that the issue of the Fed is getting some traction.

1949: Santorum thinks the Fed should be audited, but Ron Paul is a crank. Pot. Kettle.

1954: Huntsman says No Child Left behind should be scrapped. Cain says the federal Govermne t should be out of the business of micro-managing education.

1959: Closing statements of any interest: Ron Paul: Liberty is my chief value. Perhaps the only candidate for which that’s true. Romney: Obama is an economic incompetent. Huntsman: This nation is hurting and it’s bankrupt. Debt is killing us. Gingrich: The election is 15 months away. This country is in crisis now. We need leadership.

So, that was it. No one really grabbed me. Did anyone grab you?