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Neil Boortz

Gingrich a bit delusional

Seriously -  and that’s one thing you can say about the Gingrich effort, you can’t take it seriously – what is it about the egos of some of these folks?

On conservative radio host Neil Boortz’ show this morning, presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich concocted an almost endearingly farcical explanation for his campaign’s latest woes, saying the media targeted him because he was best-positioned to beat President Obama. The media desperately wants to reelect President Obama, Gingirich said, and thus he was their “worst nightmare.” “I didn’t think they would realize this early just how dangerous this campaign is and go after it so hard,” he said.

Here’s a guy who has more baggage than Delta Airlines, has now suffered the second staff walk out, consistently polls at the bottom of the field among his supposed base and he still has the temerity to claim that he’s in such sorry shape because the media is out to get him only because his candidacy would have Obama shaking in his boots?


On what freakin’ planet?

Gingrich’s campaign implosion has had absolutely nothing to do with the media.  It certainly has nothing to do with any effort by opponents.  It is all his.  He owns it … no one else. 

Perhaps it is comforting to him to look on the ruin of his effort and pretend that he’s Obama’s “worst nightmare”, but in fact, he’s his own “worst nightmare” and he’s proven it handily.


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