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Doing the Netflix thing

Not the usual fare for this blog, but what they heck.  I recently signed up for Netflix.  Having a PS3 – yes an old geezer like me likes gaming and the fact that it is a Blue Ray player – I can do instant selection and streaming via my PS3 or on my laptop.

I believe the price is $8.99 a month (they have various plans) for a “single disc”, but unlimited watching.  They have a lot of content that I haven’t seen available via that method – especially TV shows sans commercials.  Some I’ve seen, some I haven’t and some I’m enjoying viewing again (for instance all the Firefly episodes – why didn’t that series stick?).

Noticed this today from the Netflix CEO:

In terms of streaming content, we are rapidly expanding our TV shows available for streaming and since our last call we have added thousands of TV episodes from new deals with Fox, MTV Networks and Warner Television. These shows include all seasons of “24,” “Futurama,” “Lie To Me,” “The Chapelle Show,” “Nip/Tuck” and “Veronica Mars,” and in a few weeks all seasons of “The Family Guy” will be available to stream as well. We see TV shows as equally important to our franchise as movies.

And, there’s more:

As we evolve from DVD by mail into streaming, the role of exclusive content changes….At this point we can start to afford some major TV shows and movies on an exclusive basis, and plan going forward on a mix of more-expensive exclusive content and lower-cost non-exclusive content. Our willingness to license some higher-priced exclusive content will open up new licensing opportunities for us…[we] are looking for more exclusive deals, especially on TV shows, as well as non-exclusive content.

So with the percentage of their customers using the streaming media option, its just going to get better.

I just dropped HBO, Showtime and Starz (saving a lot of money) from Direct TV.  I no longer have to look at their listings and then record what I want to watch.  Now I just browse the Netflix selections and watch what I want.  If you’re a PS3 owner they send you a “streaming disc” you have to use to watch on your TV (not necessary for your laptop).  The interface works quite well.   Yup, for $8.99 per month, a very satisfied customer.

All right – back to the dismal world of politics.



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