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Patty Murray

DSCC needs your help for a new slogan

Sen. Patty Murray, Chair of the Democratic Senate Campaign Committee (DSCC), wants help with formulating a “pithy catchphrase to rally the troops” according to POLITICO.

No seriously, they need help – and they’re outsourcing the effort.

POLITICO offers:

“Because Harry Reid really likes his nice Majority Leader office"

"Please, please, please vote for us in 2012!"

"Why not?"

"Will the last Senate Democrat in office please turn out the lights?"

A POLITICO reader suggests, "Hey, at least we didn’t flee".  A variation I like is “At least we’re not fleebaggers”. 

Moe Lane pops in with "Drink the Kool-aid". Lane also reminds us of the DSCC’s recent performance:

[T]he DSCC spent 97.8 million and went into debt for 8.9 million in order to lose six Senate seats and gain zero – [which] demonstrates handily that the DSCC cannot be trusted to come in out of the rain; wipe its own nose; or, indeed, wear its underpants underneath its outer clothing.

The Lonely Conservative suggests “Bend Over!”  Don Surber weighs in with:

“Democrats: Not Republicans since 1854.”

“Democrats: Because Republicans are icky.”

“Democrats: More Hope, Less Change.”

“The D Stands For Debtor.”

“Democrats: The Starter Party.”

Me? I’m kind of partial to "Our symbol isn’t a jackass for nothing".

And you?