Free Markets, Free People

Ruby James Weaver

On a personal note …

One of the things I’ve been eternally grateful for is the family I was lucky enough to marry into.  For over 3 decades, I’ve been a part of a family that I both admire and respect.  They are, to me, the salt of the earth and they represent the type of people who’ve made this nation great. 

I’m out here to celebrate the birthday of the matriarch of that clan, my mother-in-law, Mrs. Ruby James Weaver’s 100th birthday.

Here in the Cookson Hills of eastern Oklahoma, the Weavers are well known and loved.  I’ve always joked about visiting my “outlaws” instead of in-laws.  My mother in law’s maiden name is James and I have two brothers-in-law named Younger.  But, as a mentioned, a more all-American family can’t be found.  Farmers, ranchers, you name it, they are part of the generation that has helped make this nation the richest and most powerful on earth.  And, as you might imagine, some of the last of what was once a very common thing – rugged individualists.

Mrs. Weaver raised 10 kids on, well, not much and did a magnificent job.  She has 23 grandchildren, and as she admitted last night, has lost count of the great and great-great grandchildren.  

I married the baby of the family.  Like I’ve said, I got lucky.

So, to the best mother-in-law in the world and matriarch of one of the finest families I know, happy 100th birthday, Mrs. Weaver.


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