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Observations: The QandO Podcast for 11 Mar 12

This week, Michael, and Dale talk about the week’s “slut” talk, and the economy.

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Watching the usual “national debate” and shaking my head

And, as usual, stupid words and not on the underlying issue – government cronyism/dependency – are now the focus.

Rush Limbaugh shot off his mouth and made what is apparently a much worse faux pas than the argument made by a woman who posed as a 23 year old co-ed when in fact she’s a 30 year old reproductive rights activist.

Sandra Fluke testified before a committee chaired by Nancy Pelosi in a bit of political theater to try to justify government mandating birth control be provided “free” to all women by insurance plans.

Plenty to discuss there.  Lots.  And that should have been the sum and total focus of any discussion, the entitlement mentality she reflected in what can only be characterized as an astonishing lack of awareness of what she was asking for and why.

gty_rush_limbaugh_sandra_fluke_dm_120302_wg (1)Calling a woman a “slut” however, is a sure fire way to totally distract from the topic at hand and make yourself the topic of discussion.  Limbaugh of all people should know that (of course he might have been lulled into a false sense of security given the fact that many on the left felt secure in calling Sarah Palin everything but a child of God – Bill Maher and the “C” word as an example — and they seemingly got away with it).

So yes, the double standard was in its usual place and functioning well. 

But so what?   Everyone with a room-temperature IQ knows the game and how it works – especially Limbaugh.  So it’s hard to feel particularly sorry for a guy who claims to be so freaking media savvy doing the foreskin foxtrot and suffering the predictable result.

More importantly though, the result is the woman who should be the subject of a sound rhetorical thrashing for her disingenuousness and her collectivist arguments is now a “victim”.  She even got a sympathetic call from Obama to console her (and enable him to grab a few headlines).

We have the hypocritical left all up in arms at … Limbaugh.  The story and discussion is now about … Limbaugh.  Advertisers are now deserting … Limbaugh.  The DSCC is now fundraising off of … Limbaugh.  The media is having a field day at the expense of … Limbaugh.  Even GOP candidates are remarking about … Limbaugh.

Meanwhile the topic that should be the focus – an entitlement mentality voiced by a young woman who seems to believe it is the job of others to pay for her contraception needs – is pretty much shunted to the side.

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