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The Lindsey Graham smear

There are times when I’ve thought Sen. Lindsey Graham was dead right.  And others, to include his stand on immigration, are wrong.  I’ve also criticized him for waffling on things while at other times he’s been pretty solid on issues I support.   And I’ve been outspoken in my criticism of him when I think he’s on the wrong track.

But for those on the right this is totally unnecessary and should be unwelcome:

Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ariz., is jabbing GOP Senate rival J.D. Hayworth for not severing his ties to ALIPAC, a conservative anti-illegal immigration group whose president issued a press release on Tuesday alleging that Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is gay and that his homosexuality is being used to blackmail him into cooperating with Democrats on comprehensive immigration reform.

Graham’s office declined to respond directly to ALIPAC on Tuesday and Wednesday. Instead, a Graham spokesman is referring news organizations to a 2006 story in GQ magazine and a 2001 story in The State newspaper in which Graham, who is single, indicated that he is not gay and that he would like to one day find a wife and have children.

Who the hell cares what Lindsey Graham is or isn’t sexually?  Why is that even an issue?  Why would I even care?

This has been thrown out there by a one-issue idiot who isn’t seeing what he wants from a key legislator.  So he starts this sort of nonsense in what – an effort to change Graham’s mind?  Yeah, that’ll do it.  Or to publicly air his theory as to why Graham off the reservation on immigration so that Graham can admit he’s gay and kill the blackmail attempt?  Bet that works too.

When is the right going to quit using homosexuality the way the left uses race?  This is gaybaiting at its worst.

There is much to dislike in day to day politics, but this type of stupidity probably angers me more than most.  Who someone loves is none of my business or concern.  Who they love doesn’t effect a single right of mine.  Who they love shouldn’t ever be a matter of politics.  Those who try to make it a part of politics should be roundly condemned.  And ALIPAC’s president deserves nothing less than that for engaging in gaybaiting.