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Someone You Should Know

Liberty Pundits podcast

I did an hour and a half podcast yesterday with Liberty Pundit’s Clyde Middleton. It was a blast. It was a very wide ranging discussion covering all sorts of topics of interest in politics and beyond. My thanks to Clyde for the exceptional experience. That was my first shot at a show that long and he made it seem easy.

If you’re so inclined to listen, you can find it here. Let me also recommend highly the blog itself. Very well done and informative as well.

Clyde will be on our podcast tomorrow so make sure to listen in. Also, as a reminder, I’ll be doing my usual Sunday night segment on Boston’s WRKO 680am at 7pm called “Someone You Should Know”, where I tell the story of one of our members of the military and their tale of valor. You can tune in live or go hear the recording at Pundit Review.