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Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-21

The Red Badge of Courtesy #lesserbooks #

A Midsummer Night's Insomnia #lesserbooks #

A Brief History of Tim #lesserbooks #

Mein Kampfire #lesserbooks #

I'm taking out my new Hobie Revolution Kayak for the first time tomorrow–today, actually–to Lake Hodges. Very excited. Expect pics, vid. #

The Puppy of the Baskervilles #lesserbooks #

The Sandwich of Monte Cristo #lesserbooks #

Tarzan of the Suburbs #lesserbooks #

The Moon is a Gentle Mistress #lesserbooks #

The Caves of Tissue #lesserbooks #

The Postman Never Rings #lesserbooks #

The Three Bruises Of Palmer Eldritch #lesserbooks #

The Day of the Truffles #lesserbooks #

A Clockwork Papaya #lesserbooks #

The Andromeda Stain #lesserbooks #

Ender's Nap #lesserbooks #

Starship Paralegals #lesserbooks #

A Connecticut Janitor in King Arthur's Court #LesserBooks #

Mopey Dick #LesserBooks #

Tom Swift and his Common Butter Knife #LesserBooks #

A Journey to the Center of Town #LesserBooks #

A Picture of Mars #LesserBooks #

The Food of the Dogs #LesserBooks #

The Timeshare Property of Doctor Moreau #LesserBooks #

The Comptroller of the Rings #LesserBooks #

To Mildly Irritate a Mockingbird #LesserBooks #

Heart of Moderate Discoloration #LesserBooks #

The History of the Peloponnesian Wart #LesserBooks #

The Administrative Assistant of Oz #lesserbooks #

Barleby the Scribbler #lesserbooks #

All Quiet on the Western Side of the Yard #lesserbooks #

A Good Manatee is Hard to Find #lesserbooks #

The Lingonberries of Wrath #lesserbooks #

Lord of the Moths #lesserbooks #

Indigestion Comes for the Archbishop #lesserbooks #

Remembrance of Things That Happened Yesterday #lesserbooks #

The Vaguely Satisfied Wives of Windsor #lesserbooks #

The Taming of the Vole #lesserbooks #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-20

WW1 started when Gavrilo Prinzep shot Franz Ferdinand. Germany's ban on naked short selling yesterday may be the financial equivalent. #

Richard Blumenthal says he "misspoke" and had a few misplaced words". Yeah. The words were "I" and "Vietnam". #

Dow closes -376.51. 10-year Treasury Yield drops 95 basis points. There's no way to come up with a positive spin on today. # The Democrat-controlled House Armed Services Committee has dealt a potential deathblow to plans to close Guantanamo Bay #

Ask yourself a question: if the economy is recovering so nicely, then why has the Dow dropped 800 points in the last month? #

Both the Dow and NASDAQ are essentially where they were during the "flash crash" low last week. Dow 4000 doesn't seem as silly as it did. # Dow Theorist Richard Russell: Sell Everything, You Won't Recognize America By The End Of The Year. #

The Times of London asks "Can the Euro survive?" I suspect the Euro will, though the Euro-zone may be a LOT smaller. #

The good news: Treasury prices rise, sending interest rates down. Bad news: weekly claims jump, leading indicators decline, Dow -200. #

Hawaii 5-0 is coming back. The old show had the best credits: With Zulu as Kono…and Kam Fong as Chin Ho. #

You only live once. Might as well enjoy it. My new Hobie Revolution Mirage Drive Kayak. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-19

Oakland city council becomes the first government organization in CA to support the pot legalization initiative. #

Somalis are upset we're trying a pirate. Solution: Simply shoot them out of hand when caught in the act of piracy. #

Why CA is bankrupt: CalPers bennies were assumed to be self-financing…as long as the Dow was at 25,000 by 2009. #

Somalis are upset we're trying one of their guys for piracy. Solution: Shoot them when they're caught in the act. #

Germany bans naked short-selling. Asian markets tumble. "Germany just switched off the financial lights in Europe." #

You'd think that receiving the power to protect the island would require something more dramatic than sipping a delicious beverage. #Lost #

Of COURSE Jack volunteers immediately. Now, he can spend the next 1k years thinking what a wonderful, self-sacrificing guy he is. Ass. #Lost #

Is it just me, or does Jacob make things more difficult than they actually need to be? #Lost #

The thing about Ben is, that he keeps a grudge 'til it's dead. Then he has it stuffed and mounted. #Lost #

Well, we won't be subjected to Zoe's bad acting any more. #Lost #

Delenn is back! #Lost #

Apparently, John didn't actually WANT to talk to Richard. #Lost #

Jack keeps Kate's dirty t-shirt on while he sews her up. He's a really good doctor. #Lost #

Watching Sun and Jin die in the #Lost Recap: You have a child, ass. You're SUPPOSED to leave her. Sure, make your kid an orphan. #

The euro has plummeted against the US dollar, falling below $1.22 for the first time since April 2006. #

Arlen Specter can now be the mean old man who lives on the corner. Every neighborhood needs one. #

Critz still looks like a winner in #PA12 though. #

AP calls #PASen for Sestak. #

In #PA12 Critz is still holding at 57% with 22% of precincts reporting. #

Sestak is now at 51%. You want to hear a "bitter clinger" from Pennsylvania? Watch Arlen Specter's concession speech. #

Current PA-12 Results: Critz (D) – 59.2%, Burns (R) 38.6%. So far…not good. #

Well, I've got to stop twittering for a bit. I've got to take a dog for a walk. And, no, that's not a figure of speech. #

Maybe it's too early to call either race in PA. #

PA House 12: 82 votes counted, Critz (D) leads 86%-0%. Is a disaster looming for Burns!? #

Very first election returns from PA: With 114 votes counted, Sestak leads Specter, 56%-44%. #

I wonder how the election in PA will be affected by the bad weather, and resulting low turnout. #

Everyone seems happy about the #Randslide in KY. Maybe you should curb the triumphalism until you see results from PA, AR, etc. #

Dale’s Observations For 2010-05-18

Cass Sunstein, Obama’s regulatory czar, thinks that bloggers should be forced to link to opposing viewpoints. | #

First results in KY Senate race: Rand Paul 49%, Trey Grayson 43%. #

Bristol Palin has signed on with Single Source Speakers to give lectures at $15kto $30k. She must be very wise. | #

Amazon says Kindle reader for Android devices is coming soon. That will be nice for my HTC Incredible. | #

With 20/20 hindsight, Shell will pre-position a concrete coffer dam in the arctic for containing any oil leaks. | #

Alabama math teacher tries to teach geometry by by explaining shooting angles for assassinating Obama. | #

Dow drops another 115 points on worries about the €. Is the European Currency on its last legs? | #

    Dale’s Tweets for 2010-05-18

    • YouTube now gets 2 billion viewers a day, a larger audience than all three networks' prime-time viewership…combined. #
    • US Treasury says it took a $1.6 bil loss on Chrysler loan. Total losses from automaker loans expected to be $34 bil. #
    • Iran reached a deal to swap low-enriched for high-enriched uranium with Turkey. Iranian press calls it "epic victory". #
    • …and that's when Neil exited the LM, to join me on the lunar surface. #BlumenthalSpeeches #
    • So, right after Omaha Beach, my CO asked me to take a squad and find this Ryan fellow, whose brothers had all died. #BlumenthalSpeeches #
    • "Mojo In The Morning" show has been contacted by Miss Universe officials about her part in a "Stripper 101" contest. #
    • Miss USA, Rima Fakih, the first Arab American to wear the crown, is a pretty good stripper, too. | #
    • California pot growers face a new and serious threat: falling prices. A man can't even make a decent illegal living.¦ #

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    Dale’s Tweets for 2010-05-17

    • Miss USA is Muslim lass. I guess that means we'll be disappointed in her swimwear shots. #
    • Lemonade from lemons: The € crisis has resulted in record capital inflows to the US, keeping treasury yields.down.¦ #
    • I soooo want one of these. ¦ #
    • Schwarzenegger has proposed eliminating the CalWORKS welfare program. Democrats, who run the legislature, want taxes. #
    • Local California governments boycott Arizona, due to new immigration law. Arizonans notice. Hilarity ensues. ¦ #
    • Government spending is bankrupting the country. We know it. But, we will do nothing until it all comes crashing down. ¦ #

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    Why “Twitter” Became So Important In Iran

    Some fascinating stuff here:

    The state owned Data communication Company of Iran (or DCI) acts as the gateway for all Internet traffic entering or leaving the country. Historically, Iranian Internet access has enjoyed some level of freedom despite government filtering and monitoring of web sites.

    In normal times, DCI carries roughly 5 Gbps of traffic (with a reported capacity of 12 Gbps) through 6 upstream regional and global Internet providers. For the region, this represents an average level of Internet infrastructure (for purposes of perspective, a mid size ISP in Michigan carries roughly the same level of traffic).

    Then the Iranian Internet stopped.

    One the day after the elections on June 13th at 1:30pm GMT (9:30am EDT and 6:00pm Tehran / IRDT), Iran dropped off the Internet. All six regional and global providers connecting Iran to the rest of the world saw a near complete loss of traffic.

    Graphically, here’s what happened –iran1

    Here’s a detailed look at the abrupt stop noted above –iran2

    There’s no question, obviously, that internet traffic was almost totally blocked. And you don’t have to be a North Korean rocket scientist to know why.

    So why has limited bandwidth been restored since?

    I can only speculate. But DCI’s Internet changes suggest piecemeal migration of traffic flows. Typically off the shelf / inexpensive Internet proxy and filtering appliances can support 1 Gbps or lower. If DCI needed to support higher throughput (say, all Iranian Internet traffic), then redirecting subsets of traffic as the filtering infrastructure comes online would make sense.

    Unlike Burma, Iran has significant commercial and technological relationships with the rest of the world. In other words, the government cannot turn off the Internet without impacting business and perhaps generating further social unrest. In all, this represents a delicate balance for the Iranian government and a test case for the Internet to impact democratic change.

    Events are still unfolding in Iran, but some reports are saying the Internet has already won.

    It would seem so, at least in this case, but I’m not so sure that a country which really didn’t care about maintaining the mirage of a “free” country, as does Iran, couldn’t and wouldn’t keep it shut down for a while longer than did Iran. China for instance.

    What it does prove is how incredibly powerful and important the internet has become throughout the world, and how, as communications technology expands and networking options become more available (Twitter carried the day after Inet cutoff to the point that it can be asserted that there was no longer any positive reason to keep the Inet shut down), the ability of totalitarian regimes to control communications is degraded to the point of impotence. Someone is going to get the word out by some means, like it or not. And for the most part, Iran likes it not. But the ability of the communications network to bypass governmental blocks by other means may have been instrumental in making the mullahs finally take the sham election seriously and forcing them to finally address the alleged voting irregularities.


    Twitters Moved

    You may have  noticed that the twitter posts about the daily economic stats are gone.  They have been moved over to the sidebar, under the add banners.

    This will give me the ability to provide the ongoing econ updates via my phone–just as I am posting this–while keeping the main blog section untouched.

    This should be a solution that pleases everyone.