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Inaugural last word
An "era of maturity" -- which will last only until they lose another election, immediately following which they'll be back to throwing tantrums in the streets again: screeching for assassinations and revolutions, denouncing the flag-waving jingoism they now embrace, venerating the flipside of the dissent they now denounce, and generally cutting up rough like a cage full of adolescent baboons at feeding time. ...Nor do I see anything wrong with refusing to be taken in by their fair-weather paeans to "unity," and hurling such transparent tripe back in their teeth, with all the rhetorical force we can muster.
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Obama Supporters: Low/No Class
McQ notes, this morning, something that bothered me last night, as well:   If there is indeed an “era of maturity” evident, it has nothing to do with the leftists of this country. Indeed, even on this day, they just couldn’t help the...
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Obama supporters = not gracious in victory. McQ has more....